Analysis 17

And then next day as I come back into the sane,
I wonder how I should like you to come to me
And offer to put me out of my pain.

  • As I come back into the sane – As I come back to my senses/reality
  • My pain – My pain is the sufferings/plight of the poor people
  • Put me out of my pain – I hope you the rich promise to open your hands for these poor people
Questions & Answers
  1. What does the poet see when he comes back into his senses?
    The poet sees the city cars still passing without feelings, the helplessness of the poor people and the endless misery of the people at the roadside stand.
  2. What does the poet want his readers do for him?
    The poet is greatly distressed that the poor people are not helped by the government and rich people. He finally resorts to some heavenly help for the poor by which their poverty would be removed. But soon he realizes how childish his dreams are seeing that the poor haven’t improved. At this point the poet wants his readers to promise him to help the poor.
  3. What is the poet’s pain?
    The poet’s pain is that the poor people are still waiting for the rich people’s generosity and that the rich people never help the poor people. He is also sad that his insane dreams of the poor people helped by a stroke were only dreams.
  4. How can his readers remove the poet’s pain?
    The readers can get the poet out of his pain by offering to help the poor people.

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