Analysis 15

They couldn’t (this crossly), they had none, didn’t it see?
No, in country, money, the country scale of gain,
The requisite lift of sprint, has never been found..

  • They – The villagers
  • Crossly – Angrily
  • They had none – They had no gas to sell
  • Didn’t it see – Haven’t you seen?
  • Requisite lift of spirit – The most important thing to make one feel confident and safe (money)
Questions & Answers
  1. Why do the people at the roadside stand talk ‘crossly’ with the rich people?
    The poor people sometimes become angry with the rich people. The latter refuse to buy the wild berries at the stand at a price demanded by the owners of the stand. They indulge in bargain and blame the berries and squash. But the poor, who know the rich people are so mean, grow angry at their unwillingness to help them by parting with a little amount of their money.
  2. How is money important for the village people?
    The village people think that money is important for growth in the village. They hope to make improvements in their wretched state of life.
  3. What are the two significant roles of money in the lives of the poor people?
    Money is the measuring rode of growth for the village people. They estimate their economic growth by means of the small amount of money at hand. Similarly, money is necessary for a villager to feel confident. He feels a ‘lift of spirit’ with money in reach.
  4. How does money become the ‘requisite lift of spirit for the country men?
    Money is the most important requirement for man in the modern world. If one has money at hand then he feels confident and a feeling of his spirit being lifted.
  5. Why is money never found in the villages?
    It is a common truth that countryside is backward and therefore it remains poor and penniless. Moreover the country folks are easy targets of the politicians and business-men and therefore they are easily cheated and looted. Besides, if these poor people are given money then they will migrate to prosperous cities or make a city in the place of their village.

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