Analysis 13

For the squeal of brakes, the sound of a stopping car
Of all the thousand selfish cars that pass
Just one to inquire what a farmer’s prices are…

Questions & Answers
  1. How do the poor people react to the squeal of brake in front of the roadside stand?
    At the sound of the squeal of brakes, the sound of a stopping car, the poor people at the stand feel their spirits cheered at the possible arrival of a customer to buy their things.
  2. Why are the cars called ‘selfish cars?
    The cars are selfish because the people who travel in them are self centered.
  3. What do you understand by ‘farmer’s prices?’ Who want to know that? Possibly why?
    Farmer’s prices refer to the wages for which the farmer could be hired to work in the city. Farmer’s prices can also refer to the prices of the berries, squash and paintings displayed at the roadside stand for sale.
  4. What make you think that the city men stopped at the roadside stand to hire farmers to work in the city and that farmer’s price refers to the per head wages to be paid to a farmer for working in the city?

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