Reported Speech – Indirect Speech

Let’s examine this statement:

Sam said, “Peter, I know English.”

Step 1 – Who said?


Step 2 – What did Sam say?

“I know English.”

Step 3 – To whom did Sam tell?

Sam told this to Peter.

Answer is – Sam told Peter that he knew English.

Did you notice that:

  • Said changed to told;
  • A new word, that, was added;
  • Present tense changed to Past tense!

Read another statement:

Peter said, “Sam, I too know English.”

  1. Who said? Peter
  2. What did Peter say? “I too know English.”
  3. To whom did Peter say? To Sam.

Answer is: Peter told Sam that he too knew English.

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Biju John

Biju John is an educational writer, educator and the author of OM - The Otherwise Men.

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