Letter of Complaint

You have bought something from a showroom but things are not working as they have promised and as you have hoped. Write a letter of complaint to the showroom manager and see if some good will turn out...

Letter to Editor

We write a letter to a news paper's editor for the purpose of the public's awareness in most cases. It also gives a warning to governments as well. Most letters to editor discusses social, national and international crises. Follow the FCCS patterns.

Paragraph Writing

A paragraph is a very easy piece of work. It is easy for beginners because it is short and anyone with a little imagination and memory can write a paragraph in a few minutes.

Speech Writing

If the audience does not so much welcome a speech, the speaker has to be careful, skilled and smart about drafting a speech that can call everyone’s attention to him. How is that done? Here are the three steps to breathe fire on the drowsy listeners.