Stories II

Heart and Hands – O Henry

A young lady meets her old friend after a long break, in a train compartment, but hand-cuffed with another man. Before she could really believe that her friend was in the police custody, the officer comes for his help. He says that her friend was an officer and he was the culprit.

Oliver finds Happiness – Charles Dickens

Oliver was an orphan boy. One day he ran away from the orphanage as the boys were ill treated there. Unfortunately, he fell into the hands of three thieves - Fagin, Sikes and Toby. The thieves forced him to become a skilled thief. One day they broke into a house but Oliver was caught by the servants while the others ran away.

The Letter – Dhumaketu – Introduction

A love craving father, an oblivious daughter, a haughty postmaster, some jeering postmen and an uncaring society. The whole story is about letter and letters.

The Wolf-Children – Mike Samuda

What happens to human babies brought up in the company of wolves? Two girls lived in the company of wolves in a little village in Bengal for a while and were later 'rescued' by Rev. Singh. In the orphanage, the two children grew up as wolves, refused to behave like humans but at the end they developed human habits and traits. How long will they live?

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