A Shady Plot – Elsie Brown – Introduction

A beautiful lady ghost enters John Hallock the fiction writer's study and threatens him of the manipulation of Ouija Board. She said that because people are engaged in calling ghosts for fun they had lost peace. John agrees to discourage his wife from using the Ouija Board but within hours after his promise he was forced to join his wife's Ouija party.

Julius Caesar – William Shakespeare – CBSE Class 10

Julius Caesar was a great leader. He won the confidence on the nation but a few powerful Senators thought that popularity would bring Rome to another disaster. So, they decided to kill him in front of the people.

Ozymandias – PB Shelley – Intro

A powerful king got his huge statue sculpted and eructed at the entrance of his fortress. At the feet of the statue, it was written, "I am Ozymandias, king of kings. You mighty kings, look at my works and feel uneasy!" Three thousand years later, a traveler happened to reach the spot of this statue. What did he see there? Do you think the statue survived the passage of time and withering?

Patol Babu, Film Star – Satyajit Ray

Patol Babu was a theatre artist years ago but life had been harsh with him and killed the actor in him. After a long break, he got an opportunity to act again - not in a drama, but in a film! All he had to play was to walk absent mindedly and bump against the hero and exclaim, "Oh!"

The Dear Departed – Stanley Houghton – Intro

Abel Merryweather was an old man, widower and stayed with his daughter Amelia. One morning Amelia found her father dead in his bed. Instead of calling the doctor, she confirms her father's death. She calls her sister's family to divide their father's property.

Virtually True – Paul Stewart – Introduction

The most senseless story, though it seems, Virtually True is a futuristic fiction. While playing Wild West video game in his car, Sebastian Shultz got injured and his memory went into the game CDs on the computer. Sebastian was hospitalized.