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9.12 CBSE – Developing Psychological Skills

Most people think that they are some kind of psychologists. We, at times, talk about intelligence, inferiority complex, identity crisis, mental blocks, attitude, stress, communication barriers and so many other terms. Generally people pick up such terms from popular writings and media.

A Devoted Son – Anita Desai

Rakesh was a top ranker yet he used to touch his father's feet as a mark of respect. Was he really a devoted son?

A Thing of Beauty – John Keats – Intro

There are times in lives when we go without any direction, any happiness, any friend, any expectation. Just darkness inside and outside. Loneliness. John Keats asks us to hear the voice of the beautiful things.

A Walk by Moonlight 01 – Henry Derozio

The poet and three of his friends went walking in the moonlight and experienced the bliss of the nature, the music of the wind played on trees.

An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum – Stephen Spender – Intro

Stephen Spender presents the sad face of an elementary school in a poor country. The children are poverty stricken, their lessons are what they do not need and their teacher is a greedy businessman.

An Irish Rose – A J Cronin

An Irish girl sacrifices her life for her little brothers. Her mother was no more and her father was a dedicated drunkard. She was only 14 yet she shouldered the heavy responsibility of her semi-orphaned brothers.

Going Places – AR Barton

Sophie belonged to a poor British family but she could not accept the fact. She lived in a world of dreams and lies. By telling such lies and discussing her plans with friends like Jancy, she enjoyed Going to her Dreamy Worlds!

Hum of Insects – Robert Lynd – Introduction

As the hum of insects and noises of birds are associated with nature and seasons, so are they connected to our life, right from our childhood. When we grow up, these sounds occasionally pull us back to our childhood. In a way, our happiness, other than that achieved from people, has its origin in the nature, in spring and summer, in the hum and noises of insects and birds.