Class XI

A Psalm of Life – 01| Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Live life as if there was no past and no future. Before dying, leave your footprints on the way so that someone else can follow your paths to success.

Albert Einstein at School – Patrick Pringle

Albert Einstein was a bad student in his teachers' records. He hated the school and most of his teachers. He had just a friend - Yuri. One day he got a certificate from a doctor stating that he could go abnormal if he continued in the same school.

Birth – AJ Cronin

It is the story of a recently qualified doctor who was sent to help the miners in a bleak village. When he was asked for a case of dire seriousness, Dr. Andew Manson did not know that he was going to help a woman deliver her baby, dead! Did the baby really die? What did Dr. Andrew do next?

Father to Son – Elizabeth Jennings | 01

Here is a father who feels the extreme pain of his son's detachment with him. Father understands the son as a child but the son has already begun considering himself as a grown up. A lot of space is left between the father and the son. Will they ever come closer?

Portrait of a Lady – Kushwant Singh

Khushwant Singh was an Indian novelist, lawyer, politician and journalist. An Indo-Anglian writer, Singh was best known for his trenchant secularism, his humour, and an abiding love of poetry. In this lesson, Sigh remembers his aged grandmother, about her appearance, beliefs, prayers, habits and about her union with God and the Nature.

Quality – John Galsworthy

Two old brothers, Gessler younger and Gessler older, are shoemakers for a very long time. Their shoes are extremely durable because the brothers were never ready to compromise with quality.

Silk Road – Nick Middleton

It is a travelogue. The author Nick Middleton takes a drive on the steep mountainous roads of Tibet that were once known as the Silk Route. The narrative is blood-freezing and full of details.

Suitor and Papa – Anton Chekhov

It is very hard to escape from a girl who really loves you, however strong your reason is. She will chase you, find you and then love you (sometimes, kill you) at the end. It is much more difficult when her father too is on the look out for you. The two will get you married!

Summer of the beautiful White Horse – Introduction

Two boys steal a horse that belonged to a farmer. While the farmer went on searching for his dear horse, the boys took a jolly ride every morning. One of them enjoyed riding while the horse enjoyed pulling the other down.

Teacher, Teacher – Ellison Caroll

Two teachers - a trained teacher and a trained mechanic. The question is who turned out to be the real teacher. One adopted a method that he learnt from books and the other applied his in born skills to guide the student.

The Browning Version – Terence Rattigan – Intro

It is the story of a die hard teacher who faced severe criticisms from teachers and dislikes from students because he was greatly strict and had maintained a sort of respect and fear from students. Crocker Harris, this teacher, had a beautiful wife and he was aware of the relations she had with other men. Crocker was such a person that he didn't even question his wife's integrity.

The Ghat of the Only World – Amitav Ghosh

A dying poet, Shahid Ali, requests his friend and writer, Amitav Ghosh to do him a little favor. What? Write about me when I have died. Shahid was right because a deadly blood cancer had already claimed his life.

The Never-Never Nest – Cedric Mount – Intro

Today banks and companies allow us own houses, cars and furniture on installment pay back terms. Jack and Jill believe it right to buy any expensive villa or car to enjoy life but Aunt Jane disagrees with this.

The Stalled Ox – Saki – Intro

The story of a painter who guided an ox into his neighbor's living room and painted the scene of the ox eating up the neighbor's dearest flowers and flower-plants. Well, he was an award winning painter but practically he was useless.

Voice of the Rain – Walt Whitman – Intro

A song may be well regarded or unnoticed. Similarly, the rain may be loved or hated by people but rain doesn't mind if it is disregarded nor does it stay back here for ever.