English Elective

A Psalm of Life – 01| Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Live life as if there was no past and no future. Before dying, leave your footprints on the way so that someone else can follow your paths to success.

Quality – John Galsworthy

Two old brothers, Gessler younger and Gessler older, are shoemakers for a very long time. Their shoes are extremely durable because the brothers were never ready to compromise with quality.

Suitor and Papa – Anton Chekhov

It is very hard to escape from a girl who really loves you, however strong your reason is. She will chase you, find you and then love you (sometimes, kill you) at the end. It is much more difficult when her father too is on the look out for you. The two will get you married!

Teacher, Teacher – Ellison Caroll

Two teachers - a trained teacher and a trained mechanic. The question is who turned out to be the real teacher. One adopted a method that he learnt from books and the other applied his in born skills to guide the student.

The Never-Never Nest – Cedric Mount – Intro

Today banks and companies allow us own houses, cars and furniture on installment pay back terms. Jack and Jill believe it right to buy any expensive villa or car to enjoy life but Aunt Jane disagrees with this.

The Stalled Ox – Saki – Intro

The story of a painter who guided an ox into his neighbor's living room and painted the scene of the ox eating up the neighbor's dearest flowers and flower-plants. Well, he was an award winning painter but practically he was useless.