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A Psalm of Life – 01| Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Live life as if there was no past and no future. Before dying, leave your footprints on the way so that someone else can follow your paths to success.

Heart and Hands – O Henry

A young lady meets her old friend after a long break, in a train compartment, but hand-cuffed with another man. Before she could really believe that her friend was in the police custody, the officer comes for his help. He says that her friend was an officer and he was the culprit.

Jim – Hilaire Belloc

Jim was a small boy. He didn't obey his elders. One day he was taken a zoo by his nurse but he wandered away. Jim went very near a lion's cage and the lion ate him bit by bit. When his parents were informed of his death, they were really shocked but not surprised. Now his father asks all the children in the neighborhood to obey their parents and elders.

Macavity, the Mystery Cat – TS Eliot

Macavity's crime records are so amazing that great criminals like Mungojerrie and Griddlebone are just nothing in front of him. They can only be called his assistants or agents in crime. Moreover, like Napoleon who led the French army against the British, Macavity lead all the other criminal cats in the city.

Mother – Divik Ramesh

The poet remembers his mother and wonders if she had really have sleep in her life or if it was she who got ground in the grinder though everyone thought that she was grinding grain for the family! The poem celebrates a typical Indian mother, her struggles in family.