A Dog named Duke – William D Ellis

Story of a Dog who stayed with his master throughout a period of miracle recovery following a total disaster.

Brook – Alfred Lord Tennysen

The poet compares human journey to that of a brook. Once born on the hill-top, the brook flows down to join the brimming river. Man's life is similar. He is in search of the ultimate reality, the brimming river.

Night of the Scorpion – Nissim Ezekiel – Intro

What do we do if someone is stung by a scorpion? Some time ago in an Indian village, a woman was stung by a scorpion. Instead of taking her to a hospital or applying restoratives and medicines, the village priest was called for and they began prayers and sacrifices!

Seven Ages – William Shakespeare

Shakespeare calls life a play - a many act play in which we all have roles to play. We play roles of heroes and heroines, villains, kings and beggars, student and teacher, lover, husband, wife, the roles and not endless.

Solitary Reaper – William Wordsworth

Life is a journey. On your way, you will halt and wonder at happy and sad events. You will keep on wondering but you will never get an answer for sure. Life is a mirage...

Song of the Rain – Kahlil Gibran

Next time it rains, do not shut your doors and turn on cricket over a coffee. Come out and listen to the rain. It is not just an natural phenomenon - it is romantic.

The Best Seller – O Henry

John is not such a person who appreciates the top selling books of any time. He doesn't find any point in believing those impractical stories however interesting they are. Why, his own life happens to be a close pattern of a best seller fiction!

The Bishop’s Candlesticks – Norman McKinnel – Introduction

Here is a kind Bishop who saved the soul of a desperate absconding man. When the police brought the man to the Bishop with a bunch of expensive candlesticks that the man had stolen from the Bishop, the good Bishop says, "You are mistakes, officer. He is my friend and I have gifted him the candlesticks."

The Man who Knew too Much – Alexander Baron – Intro

There was a soldier who knew almost everything he should not have known! He corrected his instructors while they lectured, surprised the officers, infuriated the fellow trainees. One day he was awarded for all his knowledge. Bitterly!

The Road not Taken – Robert Frost

Your journey reaches a junction and two roads are forking out. Both roads are equally challenging and equally promising. You cannot make a choice. How will you weigh the priorities?

Villa for Sale – Sacha Guiltry

Juliette bought a villa but she hung a "Villa for Sale" sign board immediately after the purchase. Half a dozen buyer approached her to buy the villa but the price she demanded was very high. Today she has a new visitor, an American actress who would buy the villa for any price. Something very funny happened in the meantime.