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9.12 CBSE – Developing Psychological Skills

Most people think that they are some kind of psychologists. We, at times, talk about intelligence, inferiority complex, identity crisis, mental blocks, attitude, stress, communication barriers and so many other terms. Generally people pick up such terms from popular writings and media.

A Devoted Son – Anita Desai

Rakesh was a top ranker yet he used to touch his father's feet as a mark of respect. Was he really a devoted son?

A Dog named Duke – William D Ellis

Story of a Dog who stayed with his master throughout a period of miracle recovery following a total disaster.

A Psalm of Life – 01| Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Live life as if there was no past and no future. Before dying, leave your footprints on the way so that someone else can follow your paths to success.

A Shady Plot – Elsie Brown – Introduction

A beautiful lady ghost enters John Hallock the fiction writer's study and threatens him of the manipulation of Ouija Board. She said that because people are engaged in calling ghosts for fun they had lost peace. John agrees to discourage his wife from using the Ouija Board but within hours after his promise he was forced to join his wife's Ouija party.

A Thing of Beauty – John Keats – Intro

There are times in lives when we go without any direction, any happiness, any friend, any expectation. Just darkness inside and outside. Loneliness. John Keats asks us to hear the voice of the beautiful things.

A Walk by Moonlight 01 – Henry Derozio

The poet and three of his friends went walking in the moonlight and experienced the bliss of the nature, the music of the wind played on trees.