A Roadside Stand – Robert Frost – Introduction


Imagine a hilly village, a few huts scattered here and there. There is a highway passing by this village. It is a road that links two cities, far away from this village. Among the huts, there is one that looks different from the others – it has an extended room in the front, an open shop, projecting to the road, very close to it. Here, the man who lives here has no better work other than selling wild berries and some other fruits that his children have collected and displayed for sale.

Analysis 01

The little old house was out with a little new shed
In front at the edge of the road where the traffic sped,
A roadside stand that too pathetically pled…

  1. Why was the ‘little old house’ extended towards the road?
    The little old house, the roadside stand, existed on the roadside to make a living out of the city money. The owners of the roadside stand expected to attract the rich city men by extending the stand closer to the road.
  2. Which traffic is referred to here? Why are they ‘speeding?’
    The traffic referred to here is the cars and other vehicles of the rich people from and to various cities. These rich city men are in great hurry to make money by doing business in the city.
  3. Why is the Stand’s existence said to be ‘pathetic?’
    The roadside stand’s sole expectation is the flow of city-money into their hands. But their expectations are never fulfilled as the rich men are not considerate about them and hence a pathetic existence for the roadside stand.
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