Empowering English 4

Week One
Countable Nouns and Uncountable Nouns

Last Friday I was going to my aunt’s home. I went on a motor bus. The bus was overcrowded with school-children, workers and ladies going to the town for work. I had to vacate my seat for an old woman who carried a little baby in a rag. The baby started to cry as the woman took my seat. The journey was tiresome but I had no other option.

Punctuate the Following sentences

sam sundar my brothers best friend has been elected the president
Sam Sundar, my brother’s best friend, has been elected the President.

  1. if you want to meet peter meet him at the canteen on sunday
Reported Speech
  1. Sam said, “Rita, your performance was amazing!”
    Sam told Rita that ….. …. ….. …… amazing.
  2. Mother said, “you need to work hard, Vidusha.”
    Mother advised Vidusha that she needed
  3. The gatekeeper said, “children, today is a holiday.”
    The gatekeeper informed
Paragraph Writing

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi – born on 2nd October – father was a – went to England to study law – became a Barister –

Memorable Moments on Festivals
By Vanshita Gupta, Heritage School

The festival of Dusshera always fills me with memorable moments in my life. I still remember some wonderful moments that happened during the last Dusshera that I celebrated with my cousins and some neighbors. A day before Dushera I went to Kasauli where my cousins Kostav and Arthav lived. Kostav was scared of crackers but I was not. Nor was Arthav. Early morning next day, we began to make the effigy of Ravan in the park. It was a four feet small effigy. We decorated it with gilt papers and ribbons. When the effigy was made, we stuffed it with many small harmless crackers. In the evening, around 7, many children of the neighborhood gathered around the effigy in the park. Some of them had brought their own Ravans – some very small and some larger than ours. When we finally set the effigies on fire, it was an unforgettable scene. We all laughed and danced around the effigies. In the meanwhile, my cousin Kostav, thinking that all the crackers had burst, went near one of the burning effigies. Suddenly an explosion took place from the effigy we had made. In great panic, Kostav ran away and hugged me and Arthav, crying very loud. We laughed at this. How well I remember that Dusshera!!!

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