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The Bishop’s Candlesticks – Norman Mckinnel

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A true bishop of the Church Main Part The Bishop
The Bishop's sister Chicken Breast Persome
The Convict Potatoes Jean val Jean

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The Bishop’s Candlesticks – Norman Mckinnel

With homemade dressing

Criminals are not born - they are made. There has not been anyone who read this play without a little tear.



    Summary & Notes

    Fill in the blanks with appropriate verb forms:

    The Bishop’s Candlesticks is a story-based play. The main characters in this play …… (1. is/are) a Bishop and Jean val Jean, a Convict. The Bishop … (2. was/is) very compassionate to the suffering people of his diocese (a vast area where a bishop is the head of the Church). The Bishop …. (3. sell/sold) all his household wares – furniture, utensils, clothes – to …. (help/helped) the poor.

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    Questions & Answers


    Why was Persome angry with the Bishop?

    Persome, the bishop's sister, was angry with him because he had sold almost everything they had owned. It was because of him that she could not get married. Besides, he was like a little child, too unthinking and unfeeling for his home and belongings. He sold out many valuables for helping the poor people.

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