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Exam Pack 11 English CBSE

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Literary Devices

Exam Pack 11 English CBSE

A Must Read for Class 11 English

Summary & Notes


A – Reading Section

Reading 1

We have always heard and experienced how important it is to be really honest and truthful. An honest person feels dejected at times of adversity so it hurts him when his true honesty is doubted by people with whom he had always been honest. In spite of the troubles to be truly honest, this virtue has stood against time. Today, while most people cry for honesty and honest people, they find it difficult to remain honest. In today’s changing world and needs, business thriving in every head and hut, people find it difficult to remain honest. Well, you cannot make your hired servant work for five hundred dollars for a week if you are honest!

However, are there any benefit by being dishonest? You make a promise and break it – that’s dishonesty. You charge your customer a high price than reasonable – that’s dishonesty. You steal someone’s computer game or password – that’s super dishonesty. If life can’t give one happiness – such as mother’s love, father’s care, brother’s company, sister’s bullying, friends’ invitation to go for fishing – one should better be dishonest and be happy. But how long can the fruits of dishonesty make one happy? The skin of the fruits of dishonesty usually taste sweet but the fruit is bitter and the seed is poisonous.

  1. Why is it difficult to be honest in today’s world? (2 marks)
  2. What does, “business thriving in every head and hut” refer to? (1 mark)
  3. What are the benefits of being dishonest? (1 mark)
  4. Pick out any one instance of being dishonest. (1 mark)
  5. Who can enjoy the fruits of dishonesty? (1 mark)
  6. Explain – “the skin of the fruits of dishonesty usually taste sweet but the fruit is bitter and the seed is poisonous.” (2 marks)

Reading 2

There is nothing more exciting than getting lost in the vast ocean. If you have watched Life of Pie, you will feel the creepiness of the ocean. There have been thousands of real life stories of men and women who had nearly been lost in the sea and got ashore after forty eight hours’ struggle. It is adventure that welcomes one to the sea. It is persistence that helps one fight the turbulence of the sea. It is hope that makes one think of a better day and of the end of the bad days.

  1. Why is a sea expedition exciting for an adventurer? (1 mark)
  2. What welcomes an adventurer to the deep sea? (1 mark)
  3. What if one is short of persistence while fighting back the sea? (1 mark)

Reading 3

If you think that divorce is everyone’s right as marriage is, kindly do not read this article. You may proceed to another article, say, about the latest developments that have added another level of bricks over the male-female wall. Honestly, the rate of divorces in our country has shot up, disturbingly, cities and villages becoming stages of this mock drama! Mock-drama? Yes, what else shall we call divorces then? You marry a girl or boy to be your companion forever but soon you realize that your choice had been wrong and you run after your advocate.

  1. What do you understand by the ‘male-female wall?’ (1 mark)
  2. What is the extent of divorces in India? (1 mark)
  3. Why does the author call divorce a mock dram? (2 marks)


The other day I had an argument with one of my students who had returned from Italy after the completion of his grade 8 there. The subject of our discussion was – does urbanization really mean development! I hoped that he would support each of the points I lined up but it took me an hour to change his attitude towards development change.

I began with my usual quote – tall buildings and wide roads does not mean development. Listening to me, he dared to question my convictions. He questioned me what was wrong with tall building and wider roads. At first I thought he was forcing me to argue but then I saw that it was his deep rooted belief. He went on enumerating the scientific developments we have achieved in the last single century and attacked me with questions pertaining to the importance of urbanization.

Suddenly I began to suspect my notions. Have I made a wrong judgement? What is wrong with tall building and burning concrete cities? What is wrong with wider roads and huge shopping malls? There is a very significant problem concerning the Indian society for which someone has to find a solution immediately. While millions of parents are worried about the future of their daughters at an age that blindly adapts to the Western culture, millions of parents of the cities find nothing wrong with it.

The growing concern is if it is desirable our youth look like, speak like and behave like our American brothers and sisters. America is a glowing culture made collectively by native Americans, Europeans and Africans. Its culture is much more open than the culture of Asia, especially of India. In America, people are naturals inside and outside but Indian prefer to be naturals only inside. The Great American culture doesn’t hide anything from the society so many things considered ‘taboo’ in India are quite child’s play in America – Europe no exception.

B – Grammar Section

Editing/word-replacing/one word incorrect

  1. The first thing you ought to do before everything else
  2. is to get a domain name. This is a name you wish
  3. to give to your website – www.google.com, by example.
  4. To get a domain name, you have to pay a annual fee to
  5. a registrar for the right to uses that name. Getting a
  6. name does not gets you a website or anything like that.
  7. It’s just a name. Its like registering a business name
  8. in the brick-or-mortar world.
Grammar Section – Replace a correct word
  1. There once lived a rich man. He has two sons –
  2. the elder one obedient for him whereas the younger
  3. son the ruined one. One day the younger son made
  4. an unexpected demand from his father. He wanted
  5. his share of money or wealth. The father was sad
  6. yet he divided his wealth among the two sons. The younger
  7. son collected all his friends and travel first to Egypt,
  8. then to Arabia and then to China via India. He lavishes
  9. his money in gambling and in brothels. After a little
  10. months, he has no more money with him.

We / about the / should be always cautious / unexpected.
We should be always cautious about the unexpected.

  1. Don’t / happens in / blame fate / ominous that / our lives / for anything.
  2. Do not / angels to / the time / even expect God / guard us all / to keep His.
  3. If you are / a constant / too careless, / for the protecting / you will be / trouble / angels.
  4. The angels will / and you / too young / hesitate to / will die / guard you.
  5. “I / from / could / this / regretting, / happening / have stopped” / there is no good


  1. Respected Sir, this is to brings to your serious notice
  2. that my son’s grammar have been found wreaked all of a sudden.
  3. Until last semester, no remarkable errors has been noticed
  4. but what have become of his English, we are clueless.
  5. He say, “I knows” for I know and “she bark at me” for she barks at me.
  6. Kindly consider this discrepancy seriously and finds a solution for this.

Rearrange the word-sequence (4 marks)

  1. There / many / as good as / are / not so / virtues / honesty.
  2. Being / a virtue / is not / honest / considered / today / however / by many.
  3. Such people / being / believe that / honestly / smartness / means / dishonest.
  4. Believe / makes a sudden / me, / only to / the dishonest / plunge into / leap skyward / disaster.

Editing – There is an error on each line. (4 marks)

  1. Certain great man by the past once told that people
  2. die at the age of twenty-five and have buried after seventy.
  3. It means, soon after one’s adolescent has passed,
  4. he or she feels as a grownup who should be very serious
  5. and mature. Those who are no genuinely serious about
  6. life starts pretending to be serious. By pretending to be very
  7. ‘serious’ and thereby ‘mature,’ one run to old age,
  8. not to maturity. A mature person is the one who will still
    laugh with his heart.


  1. A millionaire once decided to become politician.
  2. He was very rich he got himself elected to the Parliament
  3. and became the human resources minister the country.
  4. He studied the nation’s various crises found out
  5. that the alpha all the crises was over population so he held
  6. a meeting all the ministers and experts to discuss
  7. some ways means of crunching the overgrown population
  8. but majority of them disagreed this proposal.

Rearrange the sentences

  1. the narrator’s / sudden / trusted Mrs. Dorling / renewal / that the latter / of friendship / said they / not have / mother should / based on a / had.
  2. She /have made / Mrs. Dorling’s / inquiries about /her / trustworthiness / transport / her belongings/ before letting / should.

Editing – There is an error on each line. (4 marks)

  1. Certain great man by the past once told that people
  2. die at the age of twenty-five and have buried after seventy.
  3. It means, soon after one’s adolescent has passed,
  4. he or she feels like a grownup who may be very serious
  5. and mature. Those who are no genuinely serious about
  6. life starts pretending to be serious. By pretending to be very
  7. ‘serious’ and thereby ‘mature,’ one run to old age,
  8. not to maturity. A mature person is the one who will still laugh with his heart.

There is an error on each line. Replace it with a correct word from the same family. (3 marks)

  1. It is interesting or disturbing to know that
  2. many of us does not know how Valentine’s Day is
  3. connected to a noble priests who died for love
  4. and marriage centuries before. Later raised to the
  5. status of a saint, Valentine was an Catholic Priest from
  6. Italy whom emperor Claudius II killed for his support in Christianity


  1. While our environmentalists and weathermen
  2. were crying for more trees and blamed deforestation for
  3. the dissipating monsoon, kiddingtown came up with
  4. an innovative idea to colour the earth green. It was how
  5. People’s Forest Project was launched in 2017 by the honourable
  6. President EM Sridharan. The project was hence accepted
  7. by the whole nation, especially the youth and in three years
  8. more than 31 million trees were planted across the nation.

Sentence reordering

Still / trouble / rearranging / having / words?
Still having trouble rearranging words?

  1. Follow / repeatedly / these / carefully and / steps very.
  2. Read / make / sense / words and / out a vague / the scattered.
  3. Once / proceed / that done, / adjectives / to placing / before nouns.
  4. If / place them / there are / after / adjectives / adverbs, / verbs or.


  1. I have got to tell you a secret but will you stand its impact?
  2. I do not intend to ask you to believe the secret but my
  3. only worry is it could add to your distress. And now,
  4. the secret is – our country is responsible for 12.5% of the
  5. world climactic changes! More clearly speaking, the
  6. chemical clouds that our factories in the cities spit into
  7. the air have almost reduced rainfall by a half, heated
  8. up the temperature to an all time high of 50*C and made
    our air a killer poison!

C – Writing Section


  1. Justice Kautilya has been invited to inaugurate Kiddingtown’s new Preparatory school in Meerut but due to previously arranged programs, he has to decline the invitation. As secretary to Justice Kautilya, write a paragraph as a declining letter (declining an invitation).
  2. Write an informal invitation – letter style – inviting your friend Samantha to your parents’ 25th wedding Anniversary to be celebrated at your residence on the 31st of March. Invent all relevant details. You are Sunny, Bridge Kishore Lane, Monkey Park, Calcutta.


  1. You are feeling cheered that Delhi’s overall hygiene awareness has multiplied in the last ten years with more civilized people opting for hygienic eat outs and most of the new eat-outs and restaurants keeping their priorities high on hygiene. Write an article on, “The Way we Ate and Eat.”
  2. Write an article on the relevance and irrelevance of socializing websites and apps such as facebook. (10 marks)


  1. Terrorism has become the most noted concern these days with blasts, hijacking, genocide, killing innocent children in schools, kidnapping girls worldwide, etc. Write a speech for your school assembly. (10 marks)


  1. Write a classified advertisement for a home tutor for your brother who is poor at Maths. Invent all the relevant details. You are Peter, 09810740061. (4 marks)
  2. Write a classified advertisement seeking eligible candidates who have worked as assistant managers for export companies. You are Raj Shekhar, Eureka Exporters, 9810740061.
  3. Design an attractive display advertisement to promote your newly opening Kindergarten at Kishore Nagar, Pataliputra, Bihar. (Invent all relevant details)


  1. You are planning to visit Malaysia this summer with your family and three of your friends. Write a letter of inquiry to the Director, Let’s See Tours, 77/3, Park Street, Mumbai seeking information about its tour packages and prices. Add as many details as you can. You are Saha Ali, number 22, Madras Lane, Mumbai 11. (6 marks)
  2. As Mr. Peter Mahadev, Director, Let’s See Tours, 77/3, Park Street, Mumbai – 54, write a reply to the above letter of inquiry sent by Ms Saha Ali, number 22, Madras Lane, Mumbai 11. (6 marks)
  3. You are Ms Saha Ali, number 22, Madras Lane, Mumbai 11. After availing a tour package from Let’s See Tours, 77/3, Park Street, Mumbai, you have just returned broken heart. The company’s Malaysian office fooled you in all possible ways. You have been made to pay double of the amount, you were made to miss a number of places against their offers, you had to face tough time in handling stay and food. Write a letter of complaint with reference number 5RE/LST/2016/8 to the Director, Let’s See Tours, 77/3, Park Street, Mumbai – 54.
  4. You school recently made certain changes to the length of periods. From 8, now there are only six period – 3 in the morning 3 after lunch, each sixty minutes each. Since the change, most students have started complaining about the extension as most of them feel exhausted in the afternoon. Write a letter to your Principal requesting him/her to make necessary changes or to revert to the previous system. (Remember, you get better score for the personal suggestions!)
  5. Women worldwide are crying for equality in all areas of life but the majority doesn’t understand the true implication of absolute equality. If absolute equality is established, women will have a hard time – forced to join army, forced to be beaten up as men are, forced to suffer all the bitter experiences man faces in the society. There will be no separate queues for women, no excuses at the office because she is pregnant or she has her periods, no excuse for a woman whose car hit another car – she will have to face society’s wrath just as any man has to. Write an article on the challenges of absolute equality for the genders under the title, ‘It is not roses Being Equal.’
  6. You are planning to buy a villa at Kiddingtown, Bangalore. Write a letter of inquiry to the Director, Green Villas, Kiddingtown, Bangalore 9, requesting a detailed reply along with their latest brochure and price details and payment/loan provisions. You are Manmohan, 33B, Mosque Road, Hosahalli, Mysore -45.
  7. You are planning to launch a website to publish your stories and articles for the public. Write a letter of inquiry to the Manager, WeBe Website Solutions, New Delhi. Include all relevant queries. You are Raj Shekhar / Renu Gupta, 12/C, Pocket B, Rajouri Garden, Delhi. Include the following queries: How to get a domain name; how to get a website design; how much to pay for the design; how much to pay for hosting; are there packages; what services are included in the packages; what are the payment options, etc.
  8. Write a notice informing students of a one-day Yoga Training conducted by Amen Yogis for all the students from class 4 to 12. Participation is compulsory. Invent all relevant information such as date and time, venue and school’s name, etc. You are Nikita, Manav Vidyalaya, Kiddingtown, Delhi. (4 marks) OR
  9. Design an attractive, informative and stimulating display advertisement featuring your shortly opening 100% Vegetarian Restaurant at Chandni Chowk, Delhi. (4 marks)
  10. Write a letter of inquiry to the Store Manager, Cibaca Herbals, Manchi Hills, Himachal Pradesh, seeking information regarding price, availability, stock and other relevant information regarding the purchase of herbal soaps, toothpastes and shampoos for your residential school. You are Krishna Kumar, Vice Principal, St. George’s School, Dehradun. (6 marks)
  11. Write a speech on the unchecked deforestation that makes space for rising concrete villages which man calls a mark of development. Bring out the relevance of trees and a green environment.

D – Literature Section

Summer of the Beautiful White Horse

Araam – Mourad – Khosrov – John Byro – Fitvajian – White Horse – Garoghlanian Family – Armania – American – Reputation – honesty – truthfulness – barn

  1. The two children justify their act of stealing yet the fact stands strong that they had stolen John Byro’s white horse. Support your answer. (2 marks)
  2. Caught between a great family name and poverty, Araam and Mourad do not like to believe that they had stolen the white horse. Why? (2 marks)
  3. John Byro saw that the white horse resembled his missing horse yet he dismissed the truth in front of his eyes. Why? (2 marks)
  4. How did Aram feel when he saw that the owner of the horse had almost got too close to the thieves? (2 marks)
  5. How did John Byro’s innocence get him his horse back? (2 marks)
  6. In what sense is Mourad the natural descendant of his uncle, Khosrov? (2 marks)
  7. Justify the title, Summer of the Beautiful White Horse.
    OR How did the two boys spend their summer with the beautiful white horse? (2 marks)
  8. Give a brief character sketch of Mourad’s. (4 marks)
    Hints – Had a way with dogs, birds, horse, etc. Commanding power – greatly practical – had a way with John Byro – Was naughty yet knew what was right and wrong – Never spoke excessively – kind heart (he healed a wounded bird)

Address – Marga Minco

The narrator (Marga Minco), Mrs. S (Marga’s mother), Mrs. Dorling, Mrs. Dorling’s daughter

  1. Why did Marga Minco, the narrator, return without her belongings from Mrs. Dolrling’s house on the second visit? (3 marks)
  2. The two women, Mrs. Dorling and Mrs. S, are totally contrasting characters. Explain. (3 marks)
  3. In a way, No. 46, Marconi Street became the narrator’s address after all. How? (3 marks)

Ranga’s Marriage

Ranga – Ranga’s father the Village Accountant – Rama Rao – Ratna, Rama Rao’s  niece – Shyama, the narrator – Hosahalli – Mysore – Bangalore – Karigadabu – sour mangoes – creepers

  1. Why did Shyama direct a drama with the Shastri? (2 marks)
    • Ranga had said that he did not wish to marry an immature girl of half his age.
    • Shyama believed that Ranga was doing double talking and he was hypocritical.
    • Wished to lay Ranga’s mind bare and make him admit that he had been lying.
  2. Why does Shyama say that both Ratna and Ranga were a childish couple? (2 marks)
  3. Why was Ranga greatly sad and helpless while walking back from the Shastri? (2 marks)
  4. Why does the narrator say that Indians are a flock of sheep that blindly follow the shepherd? (2 marks)

Portrait of a Lady – Kushwant Singh

  1. Why does the narrator compare the grandmother with a winter landscape breathing peace? (2 marks)
  2. Why does the author say that his grandmother did not have a childhood?  (2 marks)
  3. How did Nature respond to the grandmother’s death? (2 marks)
  4. The grandmother in the story lived a life filled with peace. She never came in anyone’s way. Comment. (4 marks)
  5. The grandmother had an ethereal relation with nature and Gods – in life life and death. Explain. (4 marks)

We are not afraid to Die if we can all be together

  1. How did the captain and crew survive forty eight hours of ordeal that they went through in the Indian Ocean? (4 marks)
  2. Which island is referred to as the most beautiful beautiful island in the extract? Why is it termed so? (2 marks)

The Photograph – Shirley Toulson

  • Past : Sea holiday – poet’s mother – cousins Betty and Dolly – uncle with camera – photograph taken – hair covering their faces – wind – sea in the background.
  • Present : Mother died some 15 years ago – poet is sad – the photograph has become a hardboard with the images already faded – the images and memories make her silent
  1. What does the cardboard show? (1 mark)
  2. Why are the feet of the holidaying girls said to be terribly transient? (2 marks)
  3. How does the poem present the fact that human beings have a briefer stay on the earth than the seas and oceans? (2 marks)
  4. Why is the poet certain that her mother would have laughed at the photograph, if she hadn’t died? (1 mark)
  5. Both, the poet and her mother are victims of loss. What had they lost in their lives? (2 mark)
  6. What does ‘labored ease of loss’ mean? Who have labored and what ease they could achieve? (2 mark)

‘Some twenty- thirty- years later
She’d laugh at the snapshot. “See Betty
And Dolly,” she’d say, “and look how they
Dressed us for the beach.”’

  1. Why is the poet’s mother expected to have laughed at the photograph? (1 mark)
  2. Did the poet’s mother really laugh at the photograph? Support your opinion with rationale. (2 marks)
  3. Who were Betty and Dolly? (1 mark)
Discovering Tut – The Saga Continues
  1. King Tut, in life and beyond death, has been ahead of his countrymen. Discuss.
    The most talked about pharaoh of one of the golden dynasties of ancient Egypt, king Tutankhamun was an extraordinary one. In addition to his being a mystery for the archaeologists, King Tut is an intriguing subject of study that interest anyone. Credit goes to Tut not only for being a king at an age of fourteen or fifteen, also for the challenging reforms he carried out in Egypt. He restored the temples of Amun that his ancestor had destroyed, he popularized the worship of Amun, he shifted his capital to Thebes and went away without telling anyone. How he died or who killed him remains a mystery. Surprisingly enough, King Tut’s body is still preserved in Egypt’s National Museum and his is the most complete mummy of the ancient Egypt. King Tut has surprised his contemporaries by being in the spotlight of historians and archaeologists since his discovery in the year 1921 by Howard Carter and he remains the only Egyptian pharaoh whose body has been repeatedly scrutinized (tested) by the most sophisticated scanners and forensic experts.
  2. Why did Howard Carter amputate (chop off his body-parts) Tut’s mummy? (3 marks)
    Hints – 3300 years – mummy got cemented to the floor – Carter’s team could not lift the body – didn’t want to leave the body with the rich treasures –
  3. What do you know about the Curse of the Pharaoh? Was that true? If it was not true, why was there so much publicity for this

Voice of the Rain – Walt Whitman

The poem glorifies the rain. Rain begins its cycle from rivers, lakes, seas, etc and later, having formed into clouds and floated far and wide,

“And forever, by day and night,
I give back life to my own origin,
And make pure and beautify it.”

  1. What is the origin of rain? (1 mark)
    The origin of rain is water from where it goes upward through the process called evaporation.
  2. How does ‘rain’s own origin’ get life back? (1 mark)
    Rain’s own origin here refers to the different water-bodies. Rain gives life back to these water-bodies by evaporating from them and later by returning to them.
  3. How does rain purify water? (1 mark)

“Eternal I rise impalpable out of the land
and the bottomless seas,
Upward to heaven, whence, vaguely formed,
altogether changed, and yet the same.”

  1. Where does rain rise from? (1 mark)
  2. What does impalpable mean? Why is the rain said to be impalpable? (2 marks)
  3. How does water remain the same although it altogether changes? (2 marks)

The Ailing Planet – Nani Palkhiwala

  1. What is sustainable development? (2 marks)
    Not damaging the natural resources – develop but not at the cost of the future generations – take out but give back as much you take – do not deprive the earth of its natural resources
  2. What do you mean by a holistic world-view? (1 mark)
  3. Why do you think that human being is the most dangerous animal among a cataloged 1.5 million specie? (2 marks)
  4. What has the most dangerous animal learnt about the earth’s vital needs and his duties? (2 marks)
  5. What are the four principal biological systems of the earth? How have they reached the verge of depletion? OR What are the four principal biological systems that keep life happening on the earth? How does over population hamper these four systems?
  6. “No generation has a freehold on this earth. All we have is a life tenancy with a full repairing lease.”
    1. Whose are these words? (1 mark)
    2. What do you understand by a ‘life tenancy with a full repairing lease?’ (2 marks)
  7. Coercion is not the right contraceptive to check population growth. What does the author mean? What is then the right method to check population? (2 marks)
    The author is greatly worried about the unckecked growth of population yet he doesn’t support any sort of mass destruction of this unwanted population. His opinion is,


  1. Educators have to seriously consider the change in the traditional
  2. pattern of reading-comprehension – both, a pattern students answer
  3. the questions and the pattern there answers are analyzed.
  4. What good is their if students are encouraged to write the
  5. answers by picking the entire sentence and write them as the answer?
  6. It is distressing that teachers tends to mark such answers high
  7. and degrade the answers that reflects the true meaning of comprehension.
  8. This practice adopted by students and encouraged by educators are wrong.
Next – Albert Einstein at School
Albert Einstein at School


  1. Why was Einstein an unwanted presence in his school? (2 marks)
  2. Why was Prof. Koch certain that one day Einstein would leave the school? (2 marks)
  3. Do you think that Dr. Ernst Weil’s was an untrue medical certificate? Why/why not? (2 marks)


  1. Charan said, “I never knew that water is made from Hydrogen and Oxygen. How is that possible, professor?” (Convert to indirect speech) (1 mark)


  1. On the 12th of last month you purchased an air-purifier from Ozone Layers’ Mumbai showroom, with bill number VTR1221B. After a week the machine developed multiple disorders to the greatest disappointment of your family. Trust having severely suffered, write a letter of complaint to the Sales Manager, Ozone Layers, Mumbai. You are Pujit Tandon, Glass Apartment, Mosque Road, Nariman Point, Mumbai – 11. (6 marks)
  2. Design a colorful display advertisement to promote your newly opening salon, SOPHIA, in the city. Your contact number is 09810740061 and website is sophiasalon.org. Customers can contact your representatives on 5656-35-288.


Reading Test 12

Honorable Prime Minister of India and the President of Pakistan. This is an open letter to the two of you and to all your ministers and bureaucrats. Since 1948, 29,734 people – soldiers and civilians – have been brutally killed in India and Pakistan, especially on the glaciers of Siachen and in the valleys of Kashmir. Billions of dollars have been spent on both sides to buy sophisticated weapons to burn your people. You have been wasting your precious time and efficiency to wage a nonsense war that the world will laugh at with contempt.

You are afraid like all your predecessors so you kept the war on. Your fear was not losing the war, but losing your votes in elections. You keep on giving the message to your people that the other nation is your rival and your political party only can assure safety. You could easily have solved the cross-boarder issues because 98% of Indians and Pakistanis never wanted this war. To keep your vote banks filled and overflowing, you injected the poison of a pseudo nationalism into their blood through media and textbooks. If you can, if you have loved people, please stop killing your own people – your own brothers and sisters.

Questions | 10 marks | 15 minutes

  1. Who is the letter addressed to? (1 mark)
  2. What does the writer mean by a nonsense war? Why? (1 marks)
  3. Why does the writer say that both Indian side and Pakistan side are afraid? (2 marks)
  4. Why does the writer believe that the Indo-Pak issues can be easily solved? (1 mark)
Next – Childhood – Markus Natten
Childhood – Markus Natten


When did my childhood go?
Was it the day I ceased to be eleven,
Was it the time I realized that Hell and Heaven,
Could not be found in Geography,
And therefore could not be,
Was that the day!

  1. What is the poet’s mood? Why?
  2. Why does the poet suspect geography in connection with his losing his childhood?
  3. What were the poet’s beliefs about hell and heaven when he was a child?
  4. What are the qualities of a child as described in the poem?

What are the three turning points in life at which we lose our childhood? (2 marks)
Geography class – realizing self – adults


  1. Sir, this is to bring to yours notice that our nation is going through
  2. the very critical phase. Our nation’s one hundred twenty crore
  3. population has recently touched a most populated China.
  4. Sir, you are the nation’s father and the more responsible
  5. citizen whom call of duty keep awake and disturbed all the time.
  6. You have became the Prime Servant of the nation because we trusted
  7. your leadership. Kindly take immediately measures to regulate the nation’s
  8. population so that the child born next will be borned with assured
  9. health and assured education – nor a burden for the nation.
  10. Your’s truly, Mayank Kejrival.


  1. Write an advertisement attracting eligible candidates for the post of a Cashier in HDFF Bank, Rohini Branch. Invent all relevant details such as education, experience and salary details. Contact person is Ajmal and number 09876543212.
  2. Write a letter of inquiry to Veda Inc., NOIDA, making inquiries about medicines for diabetes and tumor to be bought by Fortis Hospital, Gurgaon. You are Head of the Department, Medicines, Fortis Gurgaon. Ask all relevant questions and close the letter with a request for an early reply.


Why do we tend to have more faith and trust in film-stars than great people like Gandhiji or Mother Theresa? Our dress-tastes and appearance solely depend on what they wear and how they look, walk, eat, etc. Our hairstyle, the shoes we buy, the food we eat and the language we speak, to an extend, depend on these so called celebrities. Hasn’t something gone wrong? Have you ever thought of the consequences of this blind imitation of film stars and similar stars that shine because they have beauty, money and they appear in the media? Can you name many celebrities who are respected but not blindly worshiped?

I was shocked to see a woman film star who acted in several dirty movies posing for a photograph with school children! I can’t tell you how dirty her performances have been. She dared to pose with innocent children! What more, some third rate media printed her photo! There are reputed film-stars, true, but unfortunate is the name, there are few! Divorces, suicides, hit-and-run, murder, pornography, seduction – these are the ‘virtues’ they mostly posses. We have a Gandhiji or Nelson Mandela or Mother Theresa but how many of us find anything good about them? How many of us imitate them?

Questions | 10 marks | 15 minutes

  1. How do film-stars influence people’s life? (2 marks)
  2. Why is the writer of the opinion that film-stars are not ideal models? (2 marks)
  3. Why is the writer shocked to have seen the film star posing with school children? Do you share similar shock? Why/why not? (3 marks)
  4. Find words that are synonymous to: (1 mark)
    1. Impacts (Para 1)
    2. Copy someone (Para 2)
Next – Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day


  1. What did George Pearson think of himself? How did Mrs. Fitzgerald correct him? (3 marks)
    Hints – Laughed at at the club – aware of his limitations – pompous and showy at home – Mrs. Fitzgerald’s open criticism – hurting heals
  2. How far was Mrs. Pearson responsible for her sad existence? (3 marks)


  1. Young / in Delhi / girls working as / live an / boys and / servants / overburdened life.
  2. The people who / have no / and worship cows / sympathy / take pity for rats / for them.
  3. They / them sit / train them / and make / on floor to / work without rest / eat.
  4. When / day, they have to / they are / end of the / sleep on a / tired to death at the / rug or mat.
Editing – 5
  1. Like Leonardo Da Vinci at the 13th century, : ___ (a)
  2. Albert Einstein was another phenomena : ___ (b)
  3. who changed the course of the world’s go : ___ (c)
  4. for the last century. If he hadn’t be first : ___ (d)
  5. a rebel at school-level and later an super : ___ (e)
  6. scientist, most of you had not choices in : ___ (f)
  7. education and there is no such movie as 3 Idiots. : ___ (g)


  1. Write a notice to be displayed on your school’s notice-board informing the students of a three day summer camp at Shimla next week. Participants are requested to get their names registered by paying an amount of $ 400 at the office. Invent all relevant details. You are Paul Goswami, Kiddingtown School, Doha.


So the ancients were not lying! I still remember the class our history teacher taught about the Nalanda and Takshila universities of the undivided India. It was an amazement for me for many years – and still – that these universities attracted students and thinkers from all over Asia, Europe and Africa that spanned from Portugal to Hiroshima!

Well, I have thought of telling a different story but digressed to the past. Let’s come back to the present. I was wondering about Indian education system and Indian schools that engage in educating the world. When I say ‘world,’ I don’t mean anything in square shape. I do really mean to say that CBSE has very well made its presence felt in all the countries of the world today. My friend Papu will probably never believe that majority of schools in Dubai, Qatar and Abu Dabi are CBSE schools. I can’t blame him for not believing the existence of Indian schools in New York and Kentucky.

Whether Papu believes it or not being out of the focus here, let’s discuss why there is such a demand for Indian schools abroad. The most visible reason is the presence of Indian, Pakistani and Nepalese population in these countries. Like Indian labour is cheap and efficient, so is the education provided in these schools. Another reason is that Indian education system is vocational – it trains a student to be a professional.

Questions | 8 marks | 15 minutes

  1. Why does the author begin the article with mentions of ancient Asian universities? (2 marks)
  2. How does the author connect the ancient Asian universities to CBSE? (1 mark)
  3. Write any two reasons for the acceptance of Indian schooling abroad. (2 mark)
  4. Write a note on the presence of Indian schools abroad. (2 marks)
  5. Find words that are synonymous to: (1 mark)
    1. Job oriented (Para 3)
    2. Spread/extend (Para 2)
Next – Birth – A J Cronin
Birth – A J Cronin

Dr. Andrew Manson – Christine – Joe Morgan – Susan – Joe Morgan’s wife – Midwife – Dr. Edward Page – Asphyxia Pallida – resuscitate

Literature Section (16)

  1. What lesson did Dr. Andrew Manson learn from the intense love that flowed between the miner and his wife? (2 marks)
  2. ‘As he gazed at the still-form, a shiver of horror passed over Andrew.’ How do you explain the shiver of horror? (2 marks)
  3. ‘The dilemma was so urgent he did not solve it consciously.’ What is the dilemma mentioned here? How did Dr. Andrew find a solution for it? (2 marks)
  4. The midwife had been fed on her old and outdated beliefs whereas Dr. Andrew’s was logical and scientific. Comment. (4 marks)

The Canterville Ghost – Oscar Wilde


  1. Washington’s erasing the bloodstains with the special detergent
  2. The Otises not believing the ghost
  3. The twins always chasing him everywhere
  4. What preparations did the ghost (Canterville Ghost) make for his special appearance for the twins? How did it turn out to be? (6 marks)
  5. Why was it assumed by the Otis family that the ghost had gone away? How did the ghost’s disappearance affect the family members? (Answered)
    The Otises believed that the ghost had finally abandoned the chase for a couple of reasons. In the first place, they didn’t se the ghost for such a long time since their arrival. The twins and Washington were always after the ghost so they knew it better than anyone else. he disappearance of the bloodstains on the library floor was another evidence. In the absence of the ghost, Mr. Otis consequently resumed his great work on the history of the Democratic Party, on which he had been engaged for some years. Mrs. Otis organized a wonderful clam-bake, which amazed the whole county. The boys took to lacrosse euchre, poker, and other American national games. Virginia rode about the lanes on her pony, accompanied by the young Duke of Cheshire, who had come to spend the last week of his holidays at Canterville Chase.


Father to Son – Elizabeth Jennings

Yet have I killed
The seed I spent or sown it where
The land is his and none of mine?
We speak like strangers, there’s no sign
Of understanding in the air.

  1. Why does the father feel that he has killed his son? (1 mark)
  2. What question does the father raise in the above stanza? (1 mark)
  3. Even strangers become known after their first exchanges. What does the father refer to from the lines, “We speak like strangers, there’s no sign
    Of understanding in the air”? (1 mark)
  4. In what sense does the land belong to the son? (1 mark)

I would have him prodigal, returning to
His father’s house, the home he knew,
Rather than see him make and move
His world. I would forgive him too,
Shaping from sorrow a new love.

  1. Who is the prodigal son? (1 mark)
    Hint – Biblical…
  2. Why does the father want his son go prodigal? (1 mark)
  3. From what does the father want to save his son? (1 mark)
  4. Do you agree with the father’s idea of letting his son go prodigal? Support your answer. (2 marks)
Mini Test 1 – 15 Marks
  1. Why had Susan requested not to give her anesthetics in case it was required during her delivery? (1 mark)
  2. Explain, “In some places, the cost of firewood is so high that what now go under the pot costs more than what now costs inside.” (2 marks)
  3. Why was the Canterville Ghost a joke for the Otis family? (6 marks)
  4. Write a notice informing interested students of your school to gather in the auditorium to discuss the formation of an environment forum for the school. The forum intends to plant 1000 saplings inside and around the school campus on 15th August. You are Kapil/Kalpana, head-boy/girl, Kiddingtown Model School, Rohana. (4)
  5. Read the following micro-paragraph and answer the questions that follow:
    One of the various reasons why your child is not showing any sign of improvement even in higher classes is that he or she has not begun to feel like a student. By ‘feeling like a student,’ I mean feeling a little careful in the presence of the teacher, curious about his text books and anxious about his upcoming results, etc. Some of the students I personally know used to resist any aggression on my side. When he knew that I was going to be a little angry with him for not completing an assignment, he put on a more aggressive demeanor on his face. It is just a defensive mechanism but what good does it produce at the end? I wish he had been submissive. A successful student can never be aggressive with his teacher when the latter expresses his/her displeasure. By being submissive, the student opens his mind wide to assimilate knowledge from his teacher. Now ask, does your child become aggressive or submissive?
    1. What does ‘feeling like a student mean? (1 mark)
    2. Should students react to the teacher’s angry mood in the same manner? Why? (2 marks)
    3. What good is if the student is submissive to the teacher if the latter is a little aggressive? (2 marks)
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Daffodils – William Wordsworth
Exam Pack 09 English CBSE
Daffodils – William Wordsworth
Exam Pack 09 English CBSE

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