Exam Pack 09 English CBSE

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Exam Pack 09 English CBSE

A Must Read for Class 09 English

Here are the most possible questions and answers for literature, grammar, reading and writing!


Summary & Notes


How I Taught my Grandmother to Read

  • Background – Karnataka
  • Time – 1950s
  • Author – Sudha Murthy
  • Grandmother’s name – Krishtakka
  • Name of the magazine – Karmaveera
  • Name of the novel – Kaashi Yatre (By Triveni)
  • Characters in Kaashi Yaatre
    • Old lady
    • Orphan Girl
  • Deadline for learning – Durga Pooja
  • Sudha’s gift for Grandmother – A complete copy of Kaashi Yaatre
  • Grandmother’s gift for Sudha – Frock material

Literature Section

  1. Why was Kashi Yatre Krishtakka’s most loved novel? (2 marks)
  2. How was the old woman in Kaashi Yatre a personification of the narrator’s grandmother?
  3. Why did the narrator’s grandmother wish to learn alphabets? Hint – Karma Veera – Kaashi Yatre – narrator away – no one to tell her the story – feeling sorry for not being able to read herself – decided to learn.
  4. Do you justify the grandmother’s touching her grand-daughter’s feet as a student does with her teacher? Support your answer. Yes, I justify the grandmother’s ……
  5. What makes you think that teaching her grandmother was an easy task for the grand daughter?

Grammar Section

Read the conversation below and complete the paragraph:

Customer – Can I see some better models of this laptop, please?
Executive – Why not! We have more than 20 new models just arrived. You can have a look at them in the next pavilion.
Customer – By the way, I believe the new models are not too expensive.
Executive – Well, they are, Sir. The lowest model costs $ 2000. Will that be alright with you?
Customer – Hmm. Let me see. Yea, $ 2000 is alright with me.

After having checked the models of a number of laptops, the customer asked the executive ___ (a). Quite happily the executive replied that they had ___ (b) and further told him that ___ (c). A little apprehensive, the customer said that ___ (d). The executive informed the customer that the new models were ___(e) with the lowest model ___ (f). The executive then turned to the customer and asked ___(g). The customer spent some time thinking and finally said that ___(h).

Omission 1

  1. When you edit paragraph, like this one,
  2. remember, not straightaway find out errors.
  3. Read the paragraph comprehend its meaning.
  4. When you do, the errors will pop out themselves.

Word Reordering 1

  1. Mining / cause of global / of petroleum / warming / is the biggest / today.
  2. If / the earth / uninhabitable / we do not / by the / will be / stop this, / completely / year 2080.
  3. You / will not be / may / with you / think / because you / alive by / it is okay / that time.
  4. But / who are / your children and /not yet / what about / grandchildren / born?

Story Writing

  1. Write a story with the following beginning. ‘Pratham was a small boy of 12 years. He was very good at heart, very helpful, very obedient but the only problem was that he didn’t believe in Gods. His grandmother was greatly worried about this so she decided to teach him a lesson.’

A Dog Named Duke – William D Ellis

Background – America :: Chuck Hooper – A hardworking zonal sales manager of an American chemical company :: Marcy – Chuck’s wife :: Duke – A Doberman Pincher, 4 years old, 23 kilograms :: Accident :: Hospital :: Back home :: Training.

Literature Section

  1. ‘A few weeks ago, worded as if in tribute to Duke, an order came through from the head quarters of the chemical company.’
    1. What was the order? (1 mark)
    2. How was this order a tribute to Duke? (2 marks)
    3. Why did the chemical company promote Chuck Hooper to the post of the assistant national sales manager? (2 marks)
  2. Briefly describe Duke’s role in bringing Chuck Hooper back to his normal state. (4 marks)
  3. Why was Marcy not in favor of buying Duke? How did her attitude to Duke change over time? (2 marks)
  4. ‘Back in the company’s headquarters, Chuck’s move presented problems – tough ones.’
    1. What was Chuck’s move? (1 marks)
    2. What kind of problems did Chuck’s move present the chemical company? (1 mark)

Grammar Section

Rearrange the following set of words in the most appropriate order:

  1. in India / several / label / communities / schedule castes / themselves as.
  2. they / so that they / reservation / can get / do it for / almost all the / entry into / employment / demanding / opportunities.
  3. will lead to / this / workforce / helps many / admissions and jobs / poor quality of / but the same / people to procure / in the country.

Fill in the blanks with modal verbs (Can/could; may/might; need/ought to/should/must; will; shall)

  1. You …….. (a) always change your ways because the world is full of ways. If you want to be good, you ….. (b) take the way of honesty but if you want to be bad, you …. (c) take any bad ways. Once you become good, the society ….. (d) or may not consider you good but if you do anything bad, the society ….. (e) definitely label you ‘BAD.’

Fill in the blanks with the correct verb forms (Tense)

  1. Larry ……. (a. worked/has been working/had been working) in a glass factory in England when he suddenly …… (b. had developed/develop/developed) his literary skills. It ….. (c. is/was/has been) many years ago. He ….. (d. wrote/write/was writing/had written) three stories in three months and ….. (e. go/goes/went/was going) to a dozen publishers to …. (f. got/get/getting) his works …… (g. publish/publishing/published).

Fill in the blanks using the process.

  1. To begin with, contact a server company for your website.
  2. After this, Install WordPress, a free content management system (CMS), on your computer.
  3. In the next level following the installation of WordPress, buy a theme from www.themeforest.net
  4. Finally, create as many pages as you want and publish them.

It is very easy to make your own website and earn money from it. To begin with, a server …. ….. … (a) for your website. Next, WordPress, a free content management system (CMS) … … … (b) on your computer. Following the installation of WordPress, ….. (c) from www.themeforest.net. Finally, as many pages …… (d) and ….. (e).

Writing Section

  1. Write a notice informing all the students of your school of a Tree-Day to be organized on the 12th of May, 2017. On this day, the school is planning to plant 100 saplings in and around the school premises. You are Karan/Kiran, Secretary, Nature Club, MN Public School, Vasudha Enclave, Delhi.

Grammar Section

Reservation in the name of caste, religion or sex ……. (a. is/are) an evil practice. By …. (b. reserve/reserving) seats for minorities, many others …. (c. is/are) in trouble. The best solution is …… (d. abolish/abolishing) all kinds of reservations. Due to reservation, many eligible students ….. (e. do not gets/do not get/does not gets) admissions in colleges and ….. (f. are denied/is denied) job opportunities. Besides, reservation ….. (g. do/does) more bad than good. It is one of the chief causes of caste system and division in India. All the educated citizens of India should …. (h. stand/stood) against the social evil.

Gap Filling – Relative Pronouns (Who/whose/whom/that/which)

  1. Why does she blame her brother …… passport got burnt in an accident?
  2. There is no place for a man ….. lies to those …… trust him.
  3. People trust only such brands …… have great sale.
  4. If you love only those …… love you, how are you better than sinners?
  5. You have got a last chance; pick …… you most love to.


  1. Respected Sir, this is to brings to your serious notice
  2. that my son’s grammar have been found weakened all of a sudden.
  3. Until last semester, no remarkable errors has been noticed
  4. but what have become of his English, we are clueless.
  5. He say, “I knows” for I know and “she bark at me” for she barks at me.
  6. Kindly consider this discrepancy seriously and finds a solution for this.

Gap Filling – Personal Pronouns

  1. Rita told ___ mother that ___ friends were going to Shimla.
  2. Mother asked ___ if ___ also wished to accompany ____.
  3. Rita replied that ___ wished to go but ___ was not sure if ___ father would be willing to pay Rs. 5000.
  4. Rita’s father heard this conversation as ___ came in that moment.
  5. ___ asked the two of ___ what they had been talking about.
  6. Rita told ___ about the trip to Shimla and about ___ wish to join ___.

Read the conversation below and fill in the blanks with the reported sentences:

  • Amit – Peter, why is there a crowd in front of the shops today?
  • Peter – You don’t know! The government has declared curfew for tomorrow following the riots in the city. People have come to buy provisions in advance.
  • Amit – I didn’t know but do you think it is the right thing the government should have done? It was able to prevent the riots.

Seeing an unusual crowd in front of the shops, Amit asked his friend Peter ….. ….. …..(a) that day. Peter was surprised that Amit was unaware. He explained …. …. ….(b) due to which people …. …. ….(c) Amit confessed that …. …. (d) and in the same breath, asked Peter …. ….. …..(e) He further added that the government …. …. ….(f).

Convert the following sentences into passive voice:

  1. The magistrate has ordered Gandhiji to leave Champaran.
  2. I have been waiting for a good news since Wednesday.
  3. Anyone can tell such stories.
  4. Will you visit my parlour?
  5. How can you expect a woman to work hard day in and day out?

Reading Section

Whenever I ask students to change their handwriting, they wield their dagger at their pens. If not the pen, there comes a swarm of other excuses such as a sore finger, a poorly lit room or the limited time. I have a score time told each of my students to amend his handwriting but to no immediate effect.This is what happens when your handwriting is illegible – the teacher fails to read your hard-worked answers and forms a negative impression. You write your f as t, s as r, b as an instrument to clean the ear, c as e and e as i! What more! I have seen the tail of g and y and sometimes j growing like Hanuman’s tail, the dot above the i in the neighbor’s yard, k as clearly as R. After all, English has as less as 26 letters and our children find it so hard to changes!

Psychologically speaking, it is an attitude crisis. In order to change one’s handwriting, one should first change the corresponding attitude. If A feels that his handwriting is the best or better than many, there is no question of change but when A feels that B’s handwriting is really good, A will start copying B’s handwriting. Remember, maybe we will have our exams typed on a tablet after a few years but that is all about the future. To pass your exams, you have to write as legible as possible. Don’t test your teacher’s patience. The teacher who sits to check/value your paper is an ordinary human being with more frustrations than those you have. Please the teacher by eliminating as many corrections, over-writing, blotting, and above all, by not infuriating her with your letters.

  1. Why do students find it hard to improve their handwriting? (1 mark)
  2. What is the negative impact of bad handwriting on teachers? (1 mark)
  3. What are the kinds of excuses that students raise to support their poor handwriting? (1 mark)
  4. Find words from the passage with the following meaning: (2 marks)
    1. Readable or clearly written.
    2. Removing or obliterating.

Grammar Section

  1. Convert to Passive Voice
    1. The king needs three white elephants.
    2. The hero are director are arguing upon this location.
    3. Mother and father have been planting saplings since their marriage.
    4. I should have forgiven him.
    5. There is nothing I can do for you.
    6. Kunal sometimes forgets that he is attempting a Voice question.
  2. Convert to Reported Speech
    1. Peter said, “Does this river overflow during monsoons, children?
    2. Children said, “Yes, it does. It causes death and destruction. We are all scared of this river.”
    3. “In that case,” said Peter, “why don’t you settle away from this river?”
    4. “We really wish if we could,” said a tall boy. “But the government is not ready to give us land.”

Fill in the blanks

  • Meghna – Good morning, is it City Hospital?
  • Receptionist – Good morning, mad’m, City Hospital. How may I assist you?
  • Meghna – I need to get an appointment with Dr. Gopan Mukherjee.
  • Receptionist – That’s alright, Mad’m. Dr. Mukherjee has three appointment slots free today. Any time between 3.40 and 4.20.
  • Meghna – Kindly book an appointment at 3.30. It is for my mother in law. Name, Kamal, age 64.
  • Receptionist – May I know your address, mad’m?
  • Meghna – It is 12/C, Block 6, Pratap Nagar, Delhi.
  • Receptionist – Thank you mad’m. Your appointment is booked.

Meghna called up City hospital for booking an appointment for her mother in law and informed the receptionist that ____ (a) Dr. Gopan Mugherjee. The receptionist politely informed her ___ (b), any time between 3.40 and 4.20. Meghna requested the receptionist to ___ (c) and furnished with her name and age. The receptionist wanted to know the address for booking so Meghna told her the address was ___ (d). Finally the receptionist ___ (e) and informed ___ (f).


  1. Write a letter to the editor, THE NEWS, describing the plight of poor children working in factories for a living. You are Somya Sharma, BW 10 A, Shalimarbagh West, Delhi.
  2. If you are poor and therefore cannot get the privileges that the rich ….. (a. enjoy/enjoys), it is either because your family is too big or your ancestors ….. (b. haven’t been/hadn’t been) good at planning. The best solution is family …… (c. plan/planned/planning). There is great fun ….. (d. to have/having) more than 1 brother or 1 sister but when we …. (e. think/thinks) of the burden of this population on the country, we should …. (f. opt/opted) out of that luxury.


Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb.

I …… (a. walked/had walked) three miles when an old police cab raced past me and stopped. Four or five officers …….. (b. were jumping/jumped) out of the cab, one of them …….. (c. holding/helding) a heavy gun at me. They …….. (d. asked/was asking) me who I …….. (e. was/am) and what I …….. (f. am doing/was doing) in the jungle. In spite of my attempts to ……. (g. hide/hid/hiding) the stolen candlesticks, the heavy loot …….. (h. fallen/fell) from my coat. I …….. (i. had heard/heard) one of the officers …….. (j. shout/shouting) that he …….. (k. recognized/had recognized) the candlesticks. On ……… (l. hear/hearing) him …….. (m. say/saying) that the candlesticks belonged to the Bishop, I felt my feet ………. (n. go/going) dead.

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb.

Finally the two brothers …….. (a. buy) gifts for their mother. Joe …….. (b. get) a decorated comb while Nick …….. (c. choose) a scrubbing pail. On the Mother’s Day, the two boys …….. (d. go) to their mother who …….. (e. wash) the floor, …….. (f. sit) on the floor. When she saw that her son …….. (g. buy) a scrubbing pail for her, she was not amused. On the contrary, this really …….. (h. pain) her.

Sentence Reordering

Rearrange the order of words in the following sentences:

  1. had been / the social status / very low / in the past, / when compared to / of a tutor / a school teacher.
  2. status / is pretty / today the social / good thanks to / of a tutor / the rise of / as well as economic / competitive exams.
  3. If you have / a use-and-throw / needs are / a home tutor, / he or she / remember / object / that / once your / is not / fulfilled.


  1. Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions: I was then handcuffed …….. (a) the officers ……… (b) a rusted fetter and was dragged ……. (c) their cab. After a drive …….. (d) ten minutes ………. (e) the woods, the cab stopped ……… (f) front of the Bishop’s house. The chief of the officers knocked ……… (g) the front door although it was not bolted. The sister of the Bishop opened the door and ……. (h) seeing me with the candlesticks, a cry escaped her wide mouth. Running …….. (i) me and snatching the candlesticks ……… (j) my weary hands, she cursed me.

Reported Speech

  1. Sam said, “Peter, are you free for three hours tomorrow?” Sam asked Peter ………..
  2. Peter said, “Yes, I am, except between three and six in the afternoon.” Peter replied ……………
  3. Sam said, “That’s alright. Would you be kind enough to drive me to Kentucky Station in the morning?” Sam said it was alright and further asked ……….
  4. Peter said, “I can but there is a little matter for worry. My car is given for repair. Can you arrange a car?” Peter told …… as his car ………. . Peter straightaway asked Sam ………… .
  5. Sam said, “Dad has gone to Pittsburgh so our car is not available. Shall I hire a car from Mike, the next door?” Sam explained that ……. Then he asked Peter ………

Reported Speech – Dialogue Completion 1

Harris – Hey, Annie, why have you not told me about your accident? Annie – Oh, Harris, I am really sorry for that but I did not want to give you any trouble. Harris – That’s very kind of you but you should have. By the way, how do you feel now?

Answer – Harris was a little upset when he met Annie. He asked her why (a) … …. …. . With a little regret in her words, Annie (b) …. …. …. any trouble.

Reported Speech – Dialogue Completion 2

Officer – Stay where you are. If you make a move, I will have to fire, because there is an explosive in your bag. Niranjan – Officer, wait! I have no idea how this explosive got into my bag. Do not shoot even if I move because I am standing on a moving escalator!

The officer ordered Niranjan ………… (a) where he was. He told that ………… (b) a move because he believed there was an explosive in his bag. Panic stricken, Niranjan requested the officer ………… (c) and explained ………… (d). He then brought to the officer’s notice that he was not to be shot even if he moved because …… (e).

Reported Speech – Dialogue Completion 3

  • Henry – I don’t quite understand this, John. Your life and the plot of the Best Seller closely match. Why do you then hate such a book?
  • John – They do really match, I agree. But now I hate such novels because they are only good until they really happen in our lives.

Henry told John that ……… (a) because …………. (b). He asked John why …………. (c). John replied that he ………. but he confessed he hated such novels because ………. (d).

Passive – Active

  1. Select a simple plot for your story. A simple plot ……….. .
  2. Create a few characters and places for the plot. A few characters and places ……………. .
  3. Describe each character and place clearly and vividly. Each character …….. .

Editing | One word is incorrect on every numbered line.

  1. The Indian Imperial Party (IIP) was formed with nine college students from Delhi, Bangalore and Pune
  2. shortly after an tremendous, sweeping victory of
  3. the Aam Aadmi Party in a February 2015 elections.
  4. Initially no one shows any interest in the party mostly because no one felt the need for another party with
  5. the mighty AAP overshadowed the giant BJP and Congress.
  6. What happened in the years 2016 and 17 were unforeseen!
  7. The IIP won more then 70% of the total seats in the parliamentary
  8. elections. Slowly everyone knew much reasons!

Writing Section

Write stories with the following beginning:

  1. Dad had bought five new notebooks from Bursar’s shop in the evening but by early morning when Mark was ready to leave for school, only four were found. One went missing. → → →
  2. Shilpa and her mother had spent three hours before they got the new jeans ripped to look like the most fashionable ‘ripped style.’ She ignored her grandmother’s blaming her for ripping a new, expensive jeans for no reasons. Old people! What do they know about today’s fashions! She was already getting late for Meenal’s birthday party ten miles off. [CONTINUE THE STORY]
  3. Article | The once beautiful earth has now become a barren desert due to reckless urbanization due to uncontrolled rise in the population. It is now time for everyone born in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh to feel extremely ashamed of his/her being the ‘factories of global burden.’ Write an article following FCCS pattern and Cluster Style. 150 to 200 words. 10 marks.
  4. Complete the story. The beginning has been given below: (10 marks) “We do not want to play with you any more, cheat,” Muzaffer had said. “You are distracting us from studies to stand first in the class, now we know.” Dhanush could not believe his ears. Muzaffer and Alfia cannot say this. I never intend to distract them, stand first in the class by calling them out for play, he thought. I called friends out to play because I loved to play, I loved my friends… 
    • Give a name for your story (If nothing strikes, write it later)
    • Begin with the given beginning or write your own without losing the plot-flow.
    • Follow the OTC style (Opening Twist Climax)
    • Decide you will write in First Person or Third Person. (Third Person Description – is the best way)
      • First Person Description – On Saturday morning, Alfia and I were at our desk and mom in the kitchen when we heard Dhanush calling out from the park. 
      • Third Person Description – On Saturday morning, Alfia and Muzaffer were at their desk and their mother in the kitchen when the two children heard Dhanush calling out from the park.
    • Divide the story into paragraphs

The Man who Knew too Much

Literature Section

  1. How did Private Quelch get appointed in the cook house? (2 marks)
  2. Considering Private Quelch’s character traits, do you think he could have taken his appointment as a punishment? (2 marks)
  3. Corporal Turnbull was not a man to be played with. Write a note on the Corporal’s appearance and character. (2 marks)
  4. Write a story with the following beginning: “Everyone who knew Chamn Lal thought that he would burn all his money or bury it deep in a pit. The government was tightening its grip on black-money and fake currency and all knew that Chaman Lal had his house full of currency notes.” (5 marks) (Only past tense, no is, am, are, has, have, do, does + I, we, you)
  5. Imagine you being one of Private Quelch’s regimental mates who happens to sympathize with him. Although you always supported him, today’s incidents, especially his thoughtless mannerism, set you against him. Write a diary.

Keeping it from Harold

  • Harold – Mr. Bramble – Mrs. Bramble – Major Percy Stokes – Jerry Fischer
  • Boxing – Young Porky – 20 Round Contest – American Murphy – White Hart Training Field

Literature Section

  1. “I just wanted to break his neck for him but I suppose it is not to be. I know it is him at the bottom of it. And here I find them together, so I know it is him. I have never known you do such a thing. You such a pleasure to train as a rule. It all comes of getting with bad companions.”
    1. Name the speaker. (1 mark)
    2. “His neck for him.” Who are ‘his’ and ‘him?’
    3. Why does the speaker want to break ‘his’ neck? (2 mark)
    4. Who is the bad companion? How far did his company’ ruin his companion?
  2. What was Harold’s reaction on hearing that his father was the much acclaimed Young Porky? (2 marks)
  3. What are the two possible reasons for Major Percy Stokes’ discouraging Bill Bramble from boxing? Either Major Percy Stokes was seriously concerned about Harold or he was poisoning Bill Bramble’s mind so that the latter would abandon boxing and consequently lose his popularity. If the first were the true reason… . If not, Major Percy Stokes was playing a dirty game with Bill Bramble’s family and his career. ….
  4. What were Major Percy Stokes’ arguments for keeping Bill’s profession from Harold?
  5. Bring out Major Percy Stoke’s role in getting Bill Bramble out of the ring. Why did he do so?
  6. What was Harold’s reaction on knowing the truth that his father was a nationally acclaimed boxer?
  7. At the end, we discover two villains in the story. Who are they? What villainous act did they do?
  8. “Harold, my lad, you mustn’t think none the worse of your pa for having been a man of wrath. He hadn’t seen the bright light then. It is all over now.”
    1. Name the speaker?
    2. With what motive is the speaker making a confession on behalf of Bill Bramble?
    3. What does the speaker mean by, “He hadn’t seen the bright light then?”

Writing Section

  1. Imagine you are Harold. Write a letter to your friend Amit Hawlker about the dramatic incidents that revealed your father’s identity as Young Porky. Speak your heart out. How overwhelmed you are with excitement. How shocked you felt when you were told the truth.
  2. You are Smita Arora / Joseph Augustine, 12/C, Beach Road, Mumbai. You feel that expeditions to Antarctica will only lead to the ruin of these areas in the long run. Human beings have slowly converted the beautiful earth to a desert by means of urbanization, industrialization and over population. Write a letter to the editor, Times of India, about the importance of banning all kinds of expeditions to Antarctica and similar ecologically vulnerable locations of the earth.

Best Seller

Literature Section

  1. What for did John A Pescud get down at Coketown? Why did the narrator warn that he would not sell much plate-glass at Coketown? (2 marks)
  2. Why is John angry with the best seller, Rose Lady and Travelyan? (2 marks)
  3. John is a hypocrite about his disregarding the best seller. Discuss with at least an example from the story. (2 marks)
  4. Why did Jessie make every possible effort to avoid a meeting with John? (2 marks)

Grammar Section

Gap Filling. Fill in the blanks with appropriate words from the brackets. (4 marks)
(convinced – carried out – convincing – conspirators – had – ambitious – killed – managed)
What if Antony were aware of the conspiracy? I think Caesar would not have been __ (a) at all. He could easily have ___ (b) Brutus that Caesar was not ___ (c) but Cassius was ambitious and jealous of Caesar. If Brutus hadn’t stood with the other ___(d), Cassius could never have ___ (e) his planning. If the impossible happened and Cassius ___ (f) to kill Caesar, Cassius would have ___ (g) a hard time ___ (h) the angry mob without Brurus.

Gap Filling. Fill in the blanks with appropriate words of your choice. (4 marks)
What happened the other day with Malik Ram was ___ (a). Malik was our milk-man, known to the whole colony as Milka because Milka has his profession and name. Like all the ___ (b) in our colony, he too was standing on the roadside expecting to ___ (c) a glimpse of the US President who passed by MG Road during his ___ (d) to India last week. The open limousine in which the President ___ (e) was almost approaching us standing ___ (f) a tree when the President himself ___ (g) from the huge car and walked to Milka. Taking Milka by hand, the President took him to his car, made Milka sit with him in the middle row and, while we all ___ (h) in utter amazement, closed the door.

Writing Section

  1. Write a letter to the editor, Times of India, New Delhi, bringing to the notice of the public and to the authorities, the sad picture of child labor in Delhi. You are Vidit/Vidya, Kiddingtown Model School, Delhi. Follow FCCS Pattern and Cluster Style.
    1. Facts : Number of children working in Delhi, factories, houses, shops, etc.
    2. Causes : Poverty, illiteracy, denial, natural calamities, parental greed, etc.
    3. Consequences : Malnourishment, criminal upbringing, poverty and illiteracy, etc.
    4. Solutions : Family level, school level, government level. Begin – “Through the esteemed columns of your daily/newspaper, I would like to bring to the notice of the public and the authorities, the sad picture of child labor flourishing in Delhi.” (10 Marks)
  2. Write a story based on the first line provided below: “Madam, girls and women do not make decisions in our family,” said Abu. “Nor do they have any right to speak their opinion.” Ramabai was sad on hearing this. She sat down on a chair and thought deeply.
  3. Write a notice informing all the students of your school of a lecture to be delivered by eminent hygiene specialist Ms Renuka Choudhary in the next week. Participation is mandatory for students of class 4 and above. Include all relevant details. You are Mohit, School Captain, Sarvodhaya School, Chandigarh.


I slip, I slide, I gloom, I glance,
Among my skimming swallows;
I make the netted sunbeam dance
Against my sandy shallows.

  1. Name the poetic device in the first line? Explain.
  2. What are swallows doing?
  3. How does the brook make the netted sunbeam dance against its sandy shallows?
  4. Explain, ‘sandy shallows.’

Road not taken

  1. Why was the poet confused about choosing one of the two roads?
  2. What would the poet tell somewhere ages and ages hence?
  3. Is the poet happy with the choice he has made?
  4. In what sense were the two roads similar?

Solitary Reaper

Lord Ullin’s daughter

Seven Ages

Literature Section

Then a soldier,
Full of strange oaths, and bearded like the pard,
Jealous in honour, sudden, and quick in quarrel,
Seeking the bubble reputation
Even in the cannon’s mouth.

  1. What is the most outstanding trait of the soldier? (1 mark)
  2. Why is reputation compared to bubbles? (1 mark)
  3. Why is the soldier not afraid of the cannon? (1 mark)

The sixth age shifts into the lean and slippered pantaloon,
With spectacles on nose and pouch on side,
His youthful hose, well saved, a world too wide,
For his shrunk shank…”

  1. Why is man in his sixth age called a slippered pantaloon? (1 mark)
  2. What physical changes did he undergo? (1 mark)
  3. Why is his youthful hose a world too wide for him? (1 mark)
  4. How does the poet compare the last stage of human life with the first? (2 marks)

Grammar Section

Fill in the blanks with modal verbs (Can/could; may/might; need/ought to/should/must; will; shall)

  1. You …….. (a) always change your ways because the world is full of ways. If you want to be good, you ….. (b) take the way of honesty but if you want to be bad, you …. (c) take any bad ways. Once you become good, the society ….. (d) or may not consider you good but if you do anything bad, the society ….. (e) definitely label you ‘BAD.’

Fill in the blanks with the correct verb forms (Tense)

  1. Larry ……. (a. worked/has been working/had been working) in a glass factory in England when he suddenly …… (b. had developed/develop/developed) his literary skills. It ….. (c. is/was/has been) many years ago. He ….. (d. wrote/write/was writing/had written) three stories in three months and ….. (e. go/goes/went/was going) to a dozen publishers to …. (f. got/get/getting) his works …… (g. publish/publishing/published).

Editing (4 marks)

  1. Are you a home-tutor? You are really
  2. beware about those smart students and their
  3. smarter parents who must call you for more
  4. than one trial class. They call you in by a trial
  5. class and then another and then yet other
  6. and finally they blackout! Although I had met
  7. 5 out of 100 people of this kinds, such people do
  8. really exists, at least in Delhi.

Writing Section

  1. Write a notice informing all the students of classes 1 to 9 and 10 to 12 respectively the introduction of the winter time-table for this year. Invent all relevant information. You are Mathew Mohan, Principal Student, Mary the Queen School, Mangalore.

Oh, I wish I had looked after me Teeth

Literature Section

How I laughed at my mother’s false teeth,
As they foamed in the waters beneath.
But now comes the reckonin’
It’s me they are beckonin’
Oh, I wish I’d looked after me teeth.

  1. When and why did the poet laugh at her mother’s false teeth? (1 mark)
  2. What reckoning does the poet get at this point of time? (1 mark)
  3. Where is the poet when she get the reckoning? (1 mark)
  4. Why did the poet take such a long time to get this reckoning? (1 mark)
  5. Who are beckoning the poet? Where to? (1 mark)

“Oh, I showed them the toothpaste, all right,
I flashed it about late at night,
But up and down brushing
and poking and fussing
Didn’t see worth the time I could bite.

  1. Whom did the poet show the toothpaste? (1 mark)
  2. Why did the poet delay brushing? (1 mark)
  3. Pick out words/phrases from the above stanza that indicate brushing. (Eg. …showed them the toothpaste…”) (1 mark)
  4. What does the poet mean by ‘the time I could bite?’ (1 mark)

Writing Section

  1. Mr. Sharma is about to leave home to the airport when the following call came from Ms. Meenakshi, her science tutor. Write Mr. Sharma’s message to his daughter Nimmi after reading the telephonic exchange.
    • Meenakshi – Hello, this is Meenakshi Singhal, Nimmi’s science tutor at Tutor and Mentor institute, Model Town. There is an urgent message for Nimmi. Can I have her on the line?
    • Mr. Sharma – I am afraid but she has gone for her Maths classes. She must be on her way home. She said that she would be heading to your institute at 4.30. Is there any change in your schedule?
    • Meenakshi – There is, yes, a reshuffling today and tomorrow. Kindly inform her that all classes for today and tomorrow are postponed to day after.
    • Mr. Sharma – Alright, Ms Meenakshi. Thank you for your care and concern.
  2. Write a letter to your friend Harry informing him about your visit to an orphanage last week. Describe the orphanage and life there. Close the letter with a mention of your plans to visit an old-age home next week. Invite him to join the trip. You are Vaishali Kapoor, 12/HH, Temple Road, Church Gate, Mumbai – 22

Song of the Rain

Literature Section

The voice of thunder declares my arrival;
The rainbow announces my departure.
I am like earthly life, which begins at
The feet of the mad elements and ends
Under the upraised wings of death.

  1. Who declares the arrival of the rain? (1 mark)
  2. How does nature make the rain’s arrival and departure a grand event? (2 marks)
  3. How is rain similar to earthly life? Earthly life – union – birth – growth – death – burial: Rain – Evaporation (birth) – condensation (growth) – precipitation (death) – collection (burial)

The field and the cloud are lovers,
And between them I am a messenger of mercy.
I quench the thirst of one;
I cure the ailment of the other.

  1. In what sense are the field and clouds lovers? How does rain play the role of the ‘messenger of mercy?’ (2 marks)
  2. Who is thirsty? What is she/he thirsty of? (1 mark) The field is thirsty. It is thirsty for the clouds that are full of water.
  3. Who is ill? What is the illness? (1 mark) The cloud is ill. His illness is caused by his extreme love for the field, his lover.
  4. How is rain the messenger of mercy between field and clouds? (2 marks)

Villa For Sale

  1. Why was Gaston not willing to buy a villa at all?
  2. How did Gaston make 100,000 francs in the deal? In the play Villa for Sale, from the maid to the actress, everyone seem to be very cunning and shrewd. …..

The Bishop’s Candlesticks

The bishop – his sister Persome – the convict, Jean val Jean – Marie the maid – Mere Gringoire – Monseigneur Gervais – the Sergeant – the Gendarmes 

Literature Section

  1. Love and kindness can transform the life of hardhearted criminals. How does the Bishop’s love and kindness transform the convict in the play, The Bishop’s Candlesticks? (4 marks)
  2. Under what circumstances did the convict (Jean val Jean) go to prison? (2 marks)
  3. What could have happened if the Bishop had not lied to the Gendarmes? (2 marks)
  4. Why did the Bishop sell his silver salt cellars? How does he justify his act when he had to face Persome’s wrath? (2 marks)
  5. Why was Persome personally angry with Mere Gringoire? (2 marks)

Reading Section

I remember the night my mother
was stung by a scorpion. Ten hours
of steady rain had driven him
to crawl beneath a sack of rice.Parting with his poison – flash
of diabolic tail in the dark room –
he risked the rain again.
The peasants came like swarms of flies
and buzzed the name of God a hundred times
to paralyse the Evil One.With candles and with lanterns
throwing giant scorpion shadows
on the mud-baked walls
they searched for him: he was not found.
They clicked their tongues.

  1. When was the mother stung by a scorpion?
  2. What drove the scorpion into the poet’s house?
  3. Why did the peasants call upon god’s name a hundred times?
  4. How did the peasants search of the scorpion?
  5. It seems that the scorpion knew what the peasants would do with it. Which line/s suggest this?

Grammar Section

Rearrange the word-sequence to frame meaningful sentences. (2 marks)

  1. banning of / has been one of the / currency / most revolutionary moves / high-denomination / by the government.
  2. great inconvenience / turn out / to the / ultimate triumph / common man but / it has caused / we hope it would / over / to be the / black money.

Fill in the blanks using the process.

  1. To begin with, contact a server company for your website.
  2. After this, Install WordPress, a free content management system (CMS), on your computer.
  3. In the next level following the installation of WordPress, buy a theme from www.themeforest.net
  4. Finally, create as many pages as you want and publish them.

It is very easy to make your own website and earn money from it. To begin with, a server …. ….. … (a) for your website. Next, WordPress, a free content management system (CMS) … … … (b) on your computer. Following the installation of WordPress, ….. (c) from www.themeforest.net. Finally, as many pages …… (d) and ….. (e).

Writing Section

  1. Write a story with the following starting: ‘One, two, three… Raheem counted with his heart racing and breath held. What was going to happen? What is going to come out of the little copper pot that Ammu had given him a day ago!’

Three Men in a Boat

  1. Write a character sketch of Harris in the novel, Three Men in a Boat. (5 marks) Hints – Funniest character – one of the 3 – self centered – appreciates works done by him – tends to underestimate the qualities in other people – quite lazy – hated work – enjoyed drinking – tombs and graves fascinated him – spoke in a monotone that irritated others – offered to do works but ended up in mess – if he undertook a work, he would make the whole world know that – pretended to be hardworking – frank and outspoken – careless about the effects of his harsh words – no control over his temper – would not listen to anyone’s advice – thought that he was very good at music. Incidents: Missed boat in the darkness – fell into the river Thames while cooking vegetables.
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