B Wordsworth – V S Naipaul

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B Wordsworth

B Wordsworth – V S Naipaul

B Wordsworth said he was a poet and he was writing the best poem in the world. Was he lying? What happened to him? Did he die before his dream came true?




    1. How was B Wordsworth different from the rest of the callers?
      Most people who called on the narrator’s family to borrow money and food. Very rarely, there were rogues who behaved absurdly. On the contrary, B Wordsworth came only to observe the bees in the narrator’s yard. He was least like the others.
    2. Why does B Wordsworth like to be known so?
      B Wordsworth was a poet with a different way of understanding the world, himself and poetry. He had a lot of love for nature just like William Wordsworth. Apart from this similarity with Wordsworth, he was of a dark complexion. For these reasons, he liked to be called B Wordsworth, where B stands for ‘Black.’
    3. Why was the narrator’s mother worried about B Wordsworth?
    4. What makes B Wordsworth a peculiar character in your opinion?
    5. What did B Wordsworth refer to as ‘a poet’s tragedy?’
      By a poet’s tragedy, B Wordsworth refers to the tragedy of poets who have no buyers for their most beautiful poems even at the cost of four cents. He felt it tragic owing to the mentality of the people who consider the creativity of a poet absurd and worthless.
    6. What for did B Wordsworth visit the narrator the second time?
    7. What was special about B Wordsworth’s hut and its surroundings in Alberto Street?




    What was the last secret that B Wordsworth disclosed to the narrator? Why did he say that it was funny?

    B Wordsworth disclosed a secret that the story about the boy and the girl he had told was all made up and the talk about the greatest poem in the world was not true. He said it was funny to cover up his fault of not able to complete and to mitigate the narrator's disappointment.


    'It was just as though B Wordsworth had never existed.' What does the line mean?

    After B Wordsworth had been no more in Alberto Street, his house was pulled down along with the trees. In their place, a two story building was built leaving no trace of B Wordsworth's humble dwelling place.

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