12 Elective English

08Jan 2017

Ruskin Bond goes philosophical with dreams. We belong to a world that teaches “human wants are unlimited” and “desire is the root cause of all evils.” The end of desire is ultimate disaster. In the rat-race after achievements, men seldom care for his doom. The more we win, the more do we lose; the maximum […]

06Jan 2017

Introduction There are times in the history when suddenly a happy time is made forgotten. It means, in simple words, territorial differences suddenly become more important and people feel they are different from others and war emerges from its graves. People, thus, fight with others, forgetting the happy past and killing the happy lovers. Here […]

19Dec 2016

Bit/Bits After a succession of letters, Nehru is writing his last letter to his daughter, Indira. He begins the letter by quoting Benjamin Disraeli, the great statesman of the nineteenth century: “Other men condemned to exile and captivity, if they survive, despair; the man of letters may reckon those days as the sweetest of his […]

10Oct 2016

The poet believes that the past is full of happy moments so one should travel back to his past. These happy times are gentle. They shine but never burn. The poet then presents an experience that he had the previous night. This experience has had a wonderful impact on his life. Analysis Last night – it was […]

03Oct 2016

No doubt they’ll soon get well; the shock and strain Have caused their stammering, disconnected talk. Of course they’re ‘longing to go out again,’— These boys with old, scared faces, learning to walk. Meaning No doubt – There is no doubt They’ll – The wounded soldiers The shock and strain – The shock that they […]

02Oct 2016

Story Opens Anne, the narrator, was writing a letter to her mother during holidays. Mother was in Canada and she had a special love for the narrator’s daughter Marian. Presently Marian was playing school with toys. Taking the role of the teacher, she was getting angry with the students. The narrator thought hard to write something […]

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23Sep 2016

Summary The speaker describes hope as a bird, a the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul. Good metaphor! There, it sings wordlessly and without pause. The song of hope sounds sweetest “in the Gale,” and it would require a terrifying storm to ever “abash the little Bird / That kept so many warm.” The […]

23Sep 2016

Theme The poem reminds us that – be happy at present because the next moment is going to bring you something happy! Stanza 1 Analysis I leant upon a coppice gate When Frost was spectre-grey, And Winter’s dregs made desolate The weakening eye of day. The tangled bine-stems scored the sky Like strings of broken […]

30Aug 2016

The poet describes how autumn season and the warm sun make plans to bring back Nature’s lost beauty. Stanza 1  Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness! Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun; Conspiring with him how to load and bless With fruit the vines that round the thatch-eaves run; To bend with apples the mossed […]

26Aug 2016

Summary This is the story of Dr. Rakesh, who was born in a poor village in India, studied medicine in America and later grew up as the city’s richest and most known man back in India. The story portrays Rakesh’s double standards – a devoted son in appearance but a coldblooded, hardhearted traditionalist on the other. Varmaji, […]

25Aug 2016

Notes This is an excerpt from an address by Albert Einstein to the State University of New York at Albany, on the occasion of the celebration of the tercentenary/300th Anniversary of higher education in America, 15th October, 1931. Introduction You may remember how Einstein managed to get a doctor’s certificate stating him insane to get rusticated from […]

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