English Core 12 CBSE

10Jan 2017

Bit/Bits A German coalition power called Prussia conquered two states of France – Alsace and Lorraine. /alsaas//lorein/ in the year 1870. A boy from Alsace is on his way to school. He is unwilling to school and scared of his teacher, M. Hamel. The boy’s name is Franz. Very lazy and very illiterate. While passing […]

10Jan 2017

For your Information Champaran is a historic region which now forms the East Champarana District and the West Champaran district in Bihar, India. Champaran was part of erstwhile Mithila (Nepal) under celebrated King Janak, probably the father of Sita. People mentioned in the extract Raj Kumar Shukla – A peasant from Champaran Gandhiji Rajendra Prasad – Later, Dr. […]

10Jan 2017

Introduction Do you like to be interviewed? You cannot love interviews when you are a celebrity, all the time surrounded by the interviewers and camera flash, by unnecessary questions and seeing your answers twisted, misinterpreted and gossiped in the media… Do celebrities like to be interviewed? Some celebrities have expressed their views about interviews. Most of […]

10Jan 2017

Gemini Studios Gemini Studios was one of India’s pioneer movie factories. Situated in the present day Chennai, owned by S.S Vaasan and worked by over 600 staff, the GS made movies for Tamilnadu and other southern Indian states. Pancake[TM] was the makeup material used by the GS. Asokamitran Asokamitran was one of the staff whose […]

23Dec 2016

Summary What is going to happen to our planet? What will happen to this earth after another million years? No one can say but Antarctica can give us some hints. The coldest place of the earth, Antarctica warns us to take care of the earth so that it will take care of us! Yes, we the human beings have […]

11Oct 2016

Two people recall their childhood when they were made victims of social inequalities. Introduction Zitkala Sa was a Red Indian. She was admitted in the Carlisle Indian School run by the British. The school authorities imposed a lot of rules on the students, some for the students’ good and some to show the British superiority […]

08Oct 2016

Summary This is the story of a teenage girl and her fantasies. She was a liar with great ambitions. Once she lied to her brother, father and friend that she met Danny Casey, an Irish footballer. She lied to assert her social status but no one took it very seriously. The story ends with Sophie […]

06Oct 2016

Summary William Douglas, one of the most popular and powerful American Supreme Court Chief Justices in the history, had an enemy since the childhood. He tried to defeat this enemy in all possible ways. First he tried to overcome this enemy all by himself and later with the help of a trainer. Though he took […]

04Oct 2016

Opening – Aunt is Busy Knitting Aunt Jennifer’s tigers prance across a screen, bright topaz denizens of a world of green, They do not fear the men beneath the tree; they pace in sleek chivalric certainty. Meaning Aunt Jennifer’s tigers – Tigers knitted by a lady Prance – Jump upward. Screen – Panel; Canvas. Topaz – […]

03Oct 2016

Bit/Bits Derry was a teenager, highly pessimistic (feeling low/feeling negative) and withdrawn (staying away) from the society. He developed this attitude after one side of his face was disfigured by acid. He avoided company of others and remained lonely. He believed that no one loved him and his mother loved him because she was supposed to. Well, Derry […]

03Oct 2016

Stolen Childhood Rag pickers and child-workers are common in Indian cities. Even though Lost Spring portrays the sad picture of the plight of the poor children of India, Anees Jung is revealing another face of the Indian society through Saheb and Mukesh. Saheb Saheb was a rag picker from Seemapuri. He is a rag picker […]

28Sep 2016

Warning! There are too many interpretations for this poem so you are advised to learn it very carefully. Originally written in Spanish, this poem has been translated to dozens of languages so it has lost its true meaning and during interpretation, lost its essence. The interpretation you are going to read here is just one of […]

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