About Us

Are we kidding?

We are, kidding, seriously. Established in 2010, January, kiddingtown has been shouldering a sigle mission – take care of this ailing planet by spreading a set of new concepts. We call the earth an ailing planet – not a dying planet or ageing planet – because ailments have cures.

What ailment is the earth afflicted by?

The earth is at a fast pace ruined by an unbalanced population. More people only means more destruction, more need for Oxygen, more need for petroleum, gases and water. The scene is quite bloody. It pains us to see that our politicians direct every second work they do for votes and greed. Governments are made by greedy men and women, but a very few who stand for the planet. Gulf nations boast of their trillion dollar petroleum turnover and say, “we don’t turn our ACs off!” We call that attitude a sign of barbarism. America is spending money on war and defense – sadly forgetting the ethical obligation of being the guardians of a dying planet. India grows in population and pollution, each individual mistaking a new car in the village for development.

How are we intending to cure the ailments?

Everyone knows that global warming has given way to global boiling. From Asia to America we say Oh, what a tragedy but only a few rise to action. By providing study materials that the new generation seeks, we are in fact calling them together for this cause – a call to join hands to wage a bloodless revolution to save the planet. Maybe the elders would say, “nothing is going to happen,” but the youth of tomorrow will have accomplished its mission before 2020.

Why are we different?

We are not different. If we appear to be working for a unique cause, it is because you have not yet started thinking like us. It is like we are aware a little earlier than you are. We have this cry for you, child, boy, girl, young man and young woman – it is not a job that you need first, it is not a degree that you need first, it is not a car nor a villa that you need. It is Oxygen, it is water, it is rain, it is warmth and it is cool that you need first.

What is our education program?

We have free study materials for CBSE, ICSE and IGCSE students. Our primary subject is English yet we have already started with Sciences such as Chemistry, Biology, Physics, History, Geography, Economics, Business Studies, etc. We have kept 2014 August as the deadline for the 50% completion of most of the categories above and 2015 January to be the final deadline.

Are we 100% Free?

For running such a cost involving project, we need funds. From a very fine day, our visitors will be asked to deposit 1 US dollar for a yearly membership for all subjects that we have. By depositing such an insignificant amount, you can contribute a million dollars a year to kiddingtown because we have a yearly total of a million users!


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