Tree1RIP or Ruralise India Project aims to convert the earth back into its original state, without going back from the age of computers and smartphones. It is journey back to the Nature - full of trees, animals, birds, pools, rivers, water and happiness.

Due to urbanization and people's greed for money and advanced facilities, the earth is being converted into a desert. With temperatures rising rapidly and glaciers melting, the earth is going the way of extinction. The question is not how long we can survive but how to survive happily. 

If we don't take care of the earth, the earth will continue to exist - but we won't!


It is very easy to be part of RIP. Once we have got a million members on Facebook, we will fix a day to submit a request to the President and/or the Prime Minister to legalize 2 of our demands:


We raise this question: Should we increase production for a huge population and pollute the earth or cut down population and reduce production?

Let's think beyond religion and politics. Be a Hindu or Muslim or Whatever, let's come together to save our Earth, the only planet that car support LIFE!


If every child of India planted 10 trees and tended them, India will be safe from the unbearable heat, drought and water scarcity it is already suffering. 10 Tress, is that a big deal? 

With TREECARD, all Indians will have to plant and protect 10 trees on roadsides, TREECARD lands, parks, around our houses, etc.

The TREECARD is your official certificate equivalent to all the other official proofs. You will need to submit your TREECARD to get your passport made, licence approved and college admission secured.

Small Family20% of Indians have 1 or 2 children and more than 50% couples in India have 4 to 6 children. Some of them even more than 10 or 15! That means, 60% India's population comes from backward families and slums.

They believe that more children means more income. Who will tell them? Of course, they will not read this page or will not even agree with RIP.

Question - Do you know why buying a car or an AC remains a dream for your father? 
Answer - Your family has too many members!

You cannot destroy the existing population but YOU can prevent it from growing larger!